How much protein to digest at one meal?

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If you ask to any person who is engaged in t renazhernom Hall: How much protein to digest at one meal? , It is likely that most of them (about 80%) will tell you something like this: “For one meal body can absorb no more than 30g of protein.” The remaining 20% would repeat that this is nonsense, and the body is able to learn how to 50g as 70g of protein. And if you are curious why this happens, it is usually specific and clear answer you get.

So how much protein to digest at one meal?


In fact, the exact numbers do not exist, since proteins are digested in each person with different efficiency (individually). That is, 70% of digestible protein, the other 40%, and in the third 100% of the RDA. It turns out that if these three men ate 250g of protein per day, then the first assimilate – 175g (70%), the second – 100 g (40%), and the third all 250g of protein (100%). And with the portions. One person per meal may be acquired (maximum) – 30 g, the other – 20g, and a third of 50 – 60g protein. Just learn to listen to your body, and then you will understand how much protein you need.

If you do not know what size portions to start, start with ca Mykh small (15 – 20g of protein at a time). That is, if you eat 200g of protein a day, you just break the 200g for 10 meals at 20g each. And then, see, observe and need to cut meals and increase the amount of protein per serving.


In fact, naskol to have learned well the protein in the body, also affects the amount of carbohydrates eaten. It has long been proven that proteins are much better absorbed if they eat together with carbohydrates. This happens for two reasons:

  1. protein is not used as an energy (only as a building material)
  2. carbohydrates contribute to a greater insulin release (and as you know, insulin is a hormone transport of nutrients in our body)


For example, if you eat at a time, one 45g protein, 30g have learned something about (benefited), and 15g have not learned (have gone down the toilet). And if you ate 45g of these proteins and carbohydrates, they would have learned. For each individually all, this is just an example.


From the above we can conclude:

  • Each body protein digested individually (one at 30g, 50g and the other, etc.)
  • if you do not know how much your body can digest the protein at a time, start with a very small (15 – 20g of protein at a time)
  • you need to eat proteins with carbohydrates (carbohydrates before bedtime can be of only vegetables)

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