What to eat after a workout?

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What to eat after a workout , and? This question is of interest to all athletes, as muscle growth is not possible without full power. That is, the power of a large part of the success on the way to the huge muscle mass. How to eat, and get a result.


Perhaps you have already heard something about where the so-called anabolic window (it is also called “Protein – Carbohydrate” box). This window opens, usually immediately after exercise and lasts no more than 40 minutes. On this point there are two opinions (for or against).

Some say that the anabolic window necessarily need to be closed, as it was in the first 30 – 40 minutes, our body is most in need of protein and carbohydrate (not fat). During this period, the body can absorb a lot of nutrients especially with the maximum benefit. And if you do not close this window, then this is the worst effect on the progress.


Another opinion says is that there is no such thing and it does not need to be closed. In addition, after training in the body greatly increases the growth hormone, which has a positive effect on muscle growth. A food which enters the body, reduces the hormone insulin by the ejection (i.e., post-prandial insulin are released, and insulin, in turn, reduces the level of growth hormone).


That’s how you have two sides of the coin. What to do? Well, I usually do this: if a set of muscle mass, then close the protein – carbohydrate window (because you need a lot of calories), and if it is drying, do not close (I can just have a drink of water, and after 20 – 30 minutes to eat a normal solid food ).


An exemplary combination of products that can be closed anabolic window:

  1. Egg whites + bananas
  2. Milk + Honey + egg whites
  3. Protein
  4. Gainer


So, with the post-workout window understood, now let’s look at the question: What to eat after 40 – 60 minutes after a workout?

What you shut down the anabolic window, the body will digest very quickly, and after 40 – 60 minutes you will feel hungry. This hunger signals that your body needs resources for further recovery and muscle building.

A sample set of products ( menu ) that you can eat in 40 60 minutes after the workout:

  1. Rice + chicken + vegetables
  2. Oatmeal + scrambled egg whites + vegetables
  3. Buckwheat + beef + vegetables
  4. Pasta (durum wheat) + fish + vegetables
  5. Potatoes + prawns + vegetables
  6. Barley + turkey fillet + vegetables


If we compare the percentage of protein and carbohydrates, the protein should be about 30% and 70% carbohydrate. For example:

  • Oatmeal – 85g (70% carbohydrate) + proteins of chicken eggs – 6 pieces (30% protein)
  • Rice – 70g (70% carbohydrate) + Chicken fillet – 100 g (30% protein)


Another important question: What to eat after 40 – 60 minutes after a workout, when training ends late (21:00 – 22:00)?

If your body type – ectomorph (skinny you are, and you are very difficult to gain muscle mass), you can safely eat what is written above. And if you are typing quickly as the muscle and fat mass, then it is necessary to abandon the carbohydrate intake.

What you can eat:

  1. Chicken fillet + large portion of vegetable salad
  2. Omelette of egg whites + large portion of vegetable salad
  3. Shrimp + large portion of vegetable salad
  4. Not oily fish + large portion of vegetable salad

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