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If you at least once in their lives have tried to get rid of excess fat, exhausting yourself strict diet, then you know firsthand how difficult it is to comply with them (always want something tasty). That is why, now I’ll tell you about Chitmil on drying and losing weight! This is such a time period in the diet, when you can enjoy a range of snacks, without fear of extra weight gain, which ultimately will make your diet a little easier in terms of portability.

Chitmil – what is it?

Cheat meal (translated to English means to cheat with food) – it is when you consciously break your diet to treat your body with a variety of snacks (pizza, cake, cookies, hamburger, marshmallows, ice cream, fried potatoes, etc.). This time period in the diet is very popular in bodybuilding , among both professionals and amateurs. This is not surprising, since such a scam with food carries a lot of good.

Why do I need Chitmil?

№1. Motivation and psychological relief

When constantly sitting on the monotonous low-carb (or even worse – carbohydrate-free) diet, become more and more difficult to motivate yourself to not be broken. And the stricter the diet, the more difficult to observe it. Morale and motivation are falling, increased irritability. The head is constantly creep various provocative thoughts about this character: “It may well its the drying? We live once, why deny yourself the pleasure? One small piece of chocolate will not change anything! … etc.”. Sometimes it happens that even at night you weigh all of these forbidden sweets.

But if you 1 time per week to allow yourself to eat something tasty, it will serve you as a psychological relief (get unforgettable pleasure from food eaten). Just a delicious meal promotion will give you a big charge of motivation that will enable the next 6 days to comply strictly with the planned diet (without relapse). On a subconscious level, you will already know that if you hang on 6 days without disturbances (all will abide by 100%), then on the 7th day you will find a reward in the form of some sweets.


№2. Acceleration of metabolism

The fact is that when you sit on a low-carbohydrate or carbohydrate-free diet, your metabolism slows down, day after day. The body understands that resource flows are not sufficient for normal functioning, and so he begins to switch the system to energy saving mode (saves to survive). You like to eat and become less fat and still does not go away.

To resume the process of fat loss, you need to trick your body and make it clear to him that a lot of resources and it is no need to save them. That is why, on chitmil drying and losing weight is very important, because in this period the body gets an excess of calories, which ultimately accelerates your metabolism and fat burning process resumes.

No. 3. Increased energy

During rigid diet where carbohydrates are virtually nil, your performance drops as power is almost gone. Cheat meal after your energy increases (since booted carbohydrates), respectively, and increased performance. Workouts become more severe and intense. All this has a positive effect on fat loss and overall health.


How and when do Chitmil? How often can I do Chitmil?

There are basic rules that should be followed if you want to get the maximum effect and not to swim fat.

Rule №1:

If you do not have enough hard-power mode (or bezuglevodka nizkouglevodka), this method can not be used, otherwise your body fat will not burn. Cheat meal can be used only when a minimum number of your carbohydrate diet (0.4 – 0.7g * 1kg of body weight) or none at all (carbohydrate-free diet). For example, it is possible to do so (as an option) in the latter stages of drying and weight loss:

  • 3 days – the minimum amount of carbohydrates
  • 3 days – bezuglevodka
  • Day 1 – chitmil


Rule №2:

Chitmil – this is just one meal. Do not confuse it with the Cheat day (this is when you eat a day, all sorts of forbidden sweets). Those in which the fat burning process is simpler, can afford chitmil two meals.


Rule №3:

When the day comes ICS, you will need to add to your usual diet 1 – 2 high-calorie meal. If you chitmilete only 1 time a day, the meal can be eaten for dinner (but not before bedtime). Such a move will not disrupt a diet closer to the bed. If you chitmilete 2 times a day, then it is best to eat these 2 doses before lunch (for example: 1 reception – chitmil / 2 reception – proper food / 3 reception – chitmil / 4, 5 and 6 receptions – proper cooking).


Correctly №4:

receiving frequency is selected individually. First try to do 1 time per week (for example, every Sunday). Then you can try 1 time in 10 days. Then 1 every 2 weeks. After all this, take a look and compare the results. Choose the length of time where you get the golden middle (it was a good fat burning and not particularly hungry).

Simply, someone could easily sit on a diet 3 weeks and then 1 time to eat (he grabs it to restrict itself from failures, while not slowing down fat burning). Another, after a rigid diet for 4 days starts raving snacks, and of course, that there is better to do chitmil 1 times a week, so as not to provoke an unplanned disruption. In general, experiment and choose what works best for you.


Now you understand what Chitmil , and how important it is to the drying and losing weight . The basic rules of reception I have painted. If there are any questions, please ask in the comments.


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