How alcohol affects the human body?

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Alcohol – is a narcotic substance, which adversely affects the human body (causes significant harm to health). Alcohol – is one of the main causes of premature death. From this addiction kills more people than car accidents.

How alcohol affects the human body?


In drinking person suffers the whole body. After you drink a glass of vodka (or other alcohol) in your body, the following occurs: alcohol enters the bloodstream, which in turn carries it on all systems and organs; red blood cells stick together (clot formation) and firmly block the capillaries (block access nutrients). In the future, this leads to many diseases not pleasant.

Out – of alcohol affects internal organs, but the greatest harm he inflicts: the liver, the brain and the cardio – vascular system. For more information about each of them:    

How alcohol affects the liver?

Liver – is that alcohol affects in the first place! She is very sensitive to alcoholic poison that affects it the most destructive way.

After alcohol is ingested in liver cell death begins. Instead liver cells appear connective tissue (scar) and fat. Because – because of this it increases in size and turns into a piece of fat (and as a result works very, very bad). This leads to diseases such as: hepatosis, cirrhosis and cancer.

  How does alcohol affect the brain?

After alcohol is ingested into the blood, red cells begin to stick together. Because – for this in the capillaries formed blood clots that block them tightly. It begins anoxia. After a while, blood clots are more capillaries do not stand up, swell and burst.

This leads to the death of brain cells. 100g vodka kills a couple of thousand cells (permanently). This leads to memory impairment, mental disorders, etc. Dead cells are derived from the urine the next day.

  How alcohol affects the cardio – vascular system?

When alcohol reaches the blood to the heart, it begins to destroy your heart muscle (its cells). In the course of destruction scars appear and the heart muscle loses its elasticity. Because – for this it is necessary to work on the chapel and its features in the near future cases, it does not stand up and chokes the blood, without having to push it.

The heart begins to grow fat tissue and increase in size. At the micro arteries and capillaries are formed clots that block them tightly. This in turn blocks the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle. As soon begin to die of heart tissue that entails – a heart attack!

And now we present some statistics about how alcohol affects the human body :

  • the risk of cancer and malignant tumors increased by 50%
  • if a woman drinks during pregnancy, then the chance that her child will not survive, increased by 25%
  • if parents are drinking, the chances are that they will be born underdeveloped child increased by 50% (drink more – more chances, less drink – less likely)
  • one in three people die from alcohol
  • alcohol shortens life by 10 – 20 years
  • every second person (who drink alcohol) does not live up to 60 years

And finally – the most common disease of alcoholics:

  • stroke
  • anemia
  • malignancy
  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • steatosis
  • cancer
  • high blood pressure

Now you know how alcohol affects the human body. Quit drinking if you want to live to a ripe old age!

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