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The first 40 – 60 minutes of exercise, your body is full of strength and energy. At this time, you can get the most out of their muscles. If you exercise more than 60 minutes, then gradually you start to get tired, both physically and psychologically. In addition, exercises that last more than 60 minutes a very strong drain your nervous and hormonal system.


Of course, the duration of training – is an individual factor. This is possible to train for 2 hours, and it will be wonderful to make progress, and who is 70 minutes and there will be many, and his best progress with the training, which lasts 40 – 50 minutes. All this individually. But since you are a beginner in this business, then I would recommend the first few months to keep the length of your workouts in the range of 40 – 60 minutes, and then listen to your body and experiment.



Error №6 – Too often train

Too many people think that what they are becoming more and more likely to exercise, the muscles will grow faster. For this reason, it is possible to observe these newcomers, who from the very first days of exercise 4 – 5 times a week. This is a mistake, and you can not do! It is impossible, because the muscles grow it during rest, not training.


As practice shows, there are 4 phases of muscle recovery: fast, slow, supercompensation and stitched. If you train for 4 – 5 times a week, then to phase supercompensation you reach, and this is the most the phase in which the growth of new muscle. If you are a beginner, the first time can train 2 times a week. Later, you can go to 3 workouts per week on alternate days.


It is important to understand that at the moment we are talking specifically about the newcomers. More experienced athletes can train for 4 – 5 and even 6 times a week. If an experienced bodybuilder will be good progress with so much training, the novice just simply get an overtraining. On the amount of training is influenced by many factors (genetics, training experience, age, steroids, etc.), so you need to experiment.


Error №7 – You copy the training program of the famous bodybuilders

Copying programs top athletes, as is the common mistakes beginners in bodybuilding. Typically, when a person goes to the gym, he already has an idol, to whom he would like to be like. And accordingly he thinks something like this: “I take the training program, you’ll be in the same huge”. And he takes this program, training for a long time, and the result is not. And it is not because the program is not suitable for the beginner athlete.


Do professional athletes program sharpened by their individual parameters of the body, and if he progresses from this program, it does not mean that you can you progress through it. So, most likely, a professional software would be too stressful for your body, and you can easily get overtraining. You observe what professional athletes are taking a drug that helps the body digest the stress to good use.


If you have just arrived in the room, then forget about the program of their idols. The first time, I recommend that you only use 2 programs: full body (when the whole body is worked out for a workout) and a two-day split (first day – upper body, the second day – lower body). Moreover, they must be used exactly in the order in which I wrote (first full body, then a two-day split).


Error №8 – Too easy to train

If you are working with the same weight and feel sorry for yourself in every workout, then a special sense from your workouts will not. The body will change only if it will create stress conditions, if it will show that the need for further increase of survival a little bit of muscle and relieve abdominal fat. Such stress just generate heavy base training. Try to give all the best at full capacity at every workout to 60 minutes straight after you crawled out of the room. Such training will force your body to change!


Error №9 – Training Diary

This error can probably be found more often. Hardly ever you will not see in the hall freshman, who brought with him a training diary, and this is the real key to success on the way to the goal. You may say, “Why do I need this diary? I have a good memory, I can remember everything, and without it! “Yes, you can remember what it was at the last training session, but you can not fill out and track the entire process of the passage of the way.


The main key to a strong and big muscles – a progression of loads (because if the weight on the bar is not increased, the muscles do not grow what for), and the easiest way to monitor progress – is to conduct training diary. I recommend that you start your training diary mandatory for you to clearly see the work plan and be able to control the progression of loads.


Error №10 – too often change the training program

Another common mistake beginners in the gym , this is when you do not have a clear plan, and you jump from one program to another, in search of the perfect and effective method. I hasten to disappoint you, because there is no perfect method (if there was, something about her for a long time would know all). If you change your program every 2 weeks, the special effects do not get. Choose a plan and follow it for a long time (2 – 3 months), and then to assess progress and decide what to do next (to change or leave it as is).


According to statistics, one training program (for a particular purpose) running 2 – 3 months. After this time – the progress slows down (decreases the effectiveness of the program). If you are engaged in a specific program, and in 2 months you can see that progress begins to significantly slow down – change the program! But, before you change your program, make sure that there is no progress because of this program. Perhaps you simply do not observe the correct diet or a little rest.


Now that you know what you should pay attention the first time you step into the world is about. Follow my advice and do not make mistakes, and soon you will see its first progress.

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