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Our body constantly adapts to any load, and to continuously make progress, you need to surprise your muscles. Nowadays, there are different methods and ways of progression. This article will talk specifically about the so-called pre-fatigue the muscle . I think you’ve already heard about it, so now I will try to tell you what is the essence and give practical examples.


The point of this method lies in the fact that before the implementation of the common core exercises target muscle group you need to pump the blood via an isolated exercise. For example, if the target muscle group – the pectoral muscles, then you need to do initially wiring dumbbells lying (10 – 15 reps), and then proceed to the top of the bar bench press (for 6 – 8 repetitions).


Pros prior exhaustion of muscles:

№1. Due to such a deep study, the work involves more muscle fibers that eventually allows high-quality work through the target muscle group.

№2. Due to the fact that the target muscle is well warmed up and tired to exercise basic, it reduces the risk of injury.

No. 3. It allows a better feel for the target muscle group (good for those people who do not feel their muscles while performing basic exercises).

№4. It increases the load on the muscles, thus reducing the duration of training itself.


There are two basic ways of how to make muscle fatigue:


Option №1:

First, perform an exercise isolated (2 – 3 sets), and then proceed to the basic exercises (3 – 4 sets). Consider the example of exercise pectoral muscles.

  1. Breeding dumbbells lying 2 – 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps
  2. Bench press 3 – 4 sets of 6 – 8 reps


Option №2:

First, perform an isolated exercise for 10 – 15 repetitions, then move on to the basic exercises for 6 – 8 repetitions. All this is done with no rest between exercises (such as the kombiset).

Breeding dumbbells lying – 12 reps + bench press – 6 reps. The approach is over! Rest 60 – 120 seconds after the rest have to repeat the number of approaches.



How can I combine exercises for different muscle groups? Example:

Prior to fatigue the pectoral muscles:

  • Breeding dumbbells lying on the horizontal bar + bench press on the horizontal bar
  • Crossover + Dumbbell bench press on a bench with an inclined upward


Prior to fatigue the muscles of the back:

  • Link to the belt of the horizontal unit sitting on the bar + pullups wide grip
  • Thrust vertical block behind the head + thrust rod in the slope


Prior to fatigue the quads:

  • Extension legs sitting in the simulator + Squats


Prior to fatigue the biceps Bered:

  • Bending legs lying in the simulator Dead + traction on straight legs


Pre-exhaustion to the front of the delta:

  • Lifting dumbbells in front of a standing barbell bench press +


Pre-exhaustion on average delta:

  • Mahi dumbbells in hand + thrust rod to the chin wide grip


Pre-exhaustion to the rear of the delta:

  • Mahi dumbbells in the slope + thrust rod in the slope to the rear of the delta


Pre-exhaustion triceps:

  • French bench press + Dips
  • The block on the ropes + Bench press narrow grip


Prior to fatigue the biceps:

  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting on an incline bench with supination + Hammer with dumbbells
  • Biceps on the bench by Scott + Lifting barbell biceps standing



It is important to understand that in odnosustavnyh movements above the pressure on the joints (eg, elbows), so I do not recommend doing isolated exercises less than 10 repetitions. I usually do in an isolated exercise, 12 – 15 repetitions, and in the base 5 – 6 reps. Also, I do not recommend using this method for beginners (beginners and so it grows well). It will suit a professional fans iron.

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