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A very important part of the training program is the warm-up before exercise in the gym , while many of its competitors do not. And they do it for different reasons. Those who do not have the time, and they hurry to work out with weights faster, and someone thinks it’s a waste of time. Some do a warm-up, but they do it like this: a pair of flapping his arms, tilts, and a pair of a pair of jumping … all over workout. All this is not correct. A good warm-up before training session is absolutely necessary!


Why do we need to do a warm-up?

Warm-up – a complex of preparatory exercises to warm up muscles before the actual exercise. Her goal is that all would warm up the body before training. Preheat the body better respond to the coming load. After warming up the joints much better lubricated, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum. Also, it prepares the heart to more serious stress and increases the effectiveness of training (warm up your muscles can handle the load better).


The positive effects of warm-up:

  • It helps to improve blood circulation, which in turn increases blood flow to the muscles
  • gradually increases the heart rate, sudden and abrupt physical stress are very harmful for the heart, for this is always to do a warm-up before exercise
  • well it tones up and prepares the muscles for the hard training
  • increases body temperature



The very warm-up before exercise in the gym lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, and usually consists of 3 parts:

  1. total workout
  2. joint heating
  3. bracing


Total workout heats up the entire body. At that time, increased body temperature, and metabolism. Pulse rises to 120 – 140 beats per minute. As a warm-up, you can use: slow running (jogging), exercise bike or jump rope. Duration 3 – 5 minutes.


Warm up the joints should be only after the general warm-up. Warming joints helps them better lubrication, which in turn reduces the risk of injury. As a warm-up, you can use different primaries and rotational movements (arms, shoulders, legs, knees), tilt and rotate, lifting the knees, sit-ups, etc. Also, in this workout you can include a couple of approaches to the press (for example, this can be done if you do not shake it). Duration 3 – 5 minutes.


Stretching can be used both before and after the training. Stretching is of several types, static, dynamic, and ballistic. The essence is static, that would be in a fixed position, as much as possible to stretch the muscles.

In dynamic stretching exercises to be performed slowly, constantly monitoring the movement, usually it does not operate with a greater weight. For example, you can work with a small weight on the crossover, slow movement to perform with full amplitude with fixing at the top.

Ballistic stretching consists of fast and energetic movements. But the most effective is the static and dynamic stretching muscles. Stretch all muscle groups should be on all sides. Duration 2 – 3 minutes.



Examples of exercises to warm-up and technique of their performance:

Workout should always be done vigorously, since it aims at something that would prepare the body to carry out heavy work. If you make it sluggish, the workout will not be effective.


Total workout:

  1. jogging on a treadmill
  2. If you do not have a racing droshky, you can use running in place
  3. You can also use the jump rope
  4. just jumping on the spot. Technique is similar to jumping rope, but the rope itself without the use of
  5. squats

Exercise should be done in 2-3 minutes.


Warm up before exercise in the gym – warm up the joints:

  1. Circular motion with his hands. Feet set for shoulder width apart, arms extended to the sides, do 20 spins forward, 20 – back.
  2. Mahi hands. The starting position, standing, feet on width of shoulders, left arm up above her head, the right hand is on the bottom. Make alternately 20-30 swings.
  3. Wiring hands in front of him and to the side. Legs on the width of shoulders, arms bent at the elbows in front of him, follow dilution hands to the sides and back to its original position 20-30 times.
  4. The slopes of the sides. The feet are shoulder-width apart, right hand is over your head, left on the belt, make the slopes to the left with his right hand extended over his head.
  5. Turns body to touch the shoulder with the back of his hand. Legs put on width of shoulders, hands are holding the belt, keeping the heels off the floor, turn the body to the left, as much as possible, at the same time, (right hand) touch the shoulder with the back of his hand.
  6. Turns body in slope (mill). Stand with your feet a little wider, lean, and the main thing to keep your back straight, arms extended to the sides, to carry out the body turns into a hand with the fingers touching the socks.
  7. Lean forward. Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind his back in the castle, follow the inclinations of the body forward, with back straight and bend at the waist, legs slightly bent at the knees, look straight.
  8. Rolls. Feet set for wider hands behind his head, sit down on the left leg, right leg extended to the side, the feet do not tear off the floor, alternately perform the exercise on each leg 10-15 times.
  9. Lunges. Hands behind your head, place one foot forward in front of you, pull the other leg back, bend your knees, thus making the attack in front of. Alternately perform lunges on each leg 20-30 times.


Stretching the muscles in the arms and torso:

To stretch the arm muscles, pectorals, back muscles and the press is perfect for hanging on the crossbar. You can also use the vertical rack to stretch the pectoral muscles and biceps. Grasp the rack, so that would be the thumb pointed up to a maximum straighten your arm. Well, you can stretch the breast on the crossover, working with not much weight, pausing at the top of the movement.


Stretching of the triceps:

What would be good to stretch your triceps you can do this exercise: lift the left hand upward while bending it at the elbow. Fingers, try to reach the shoulder blades, as much as possible. With your right hand, grasp the left elbow and push down, helping as much as possible to stretch the triceps of his left hand. Try a little bit to delay the hand in this position to stretch the muscle better. Do this exercise several times for each arm.


Stretch waist:

The loin can be stretched, is inclined forward, touching the floor or socks fingers, while the legs should not bend. Be sure to secure a position for 30-50 seconds.


Stretching the quadriceps:

To stretch the quadriceps, it is necessary, for example, standing on the left leg, bend the other leg at the knee and keep your foot for a foot as much as possible to press it to the buttock.


Stretching leg biceps + calf:

Sit on a bench or sitting on the floor, you pull the left foot forward in front of you, bend your right leg as you are comfortable. Sock left foot try to pull over, the left hand try to grab the toe, so you are very good leg stretch the biceps, as well as the calf muscle.



Now you understand that the warm-up before exercise in the gym – it is a very necessary thing. Many athletes – professionals will pay special attention to the workout. They say: “It is better workout without exercise than exercise without a warm-up” . Follow it qualitatively (not halyavte), and will never know any problems.

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