How smoking affects the human body?

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Smoking – this dependence, which adversely affects the human body (causes great harm to health). Smoking is the most common cause of premature death. This bad habit takes more lives than car accidents.

How smoking affects the human body?

At the smoker affects all systems and organs. CNS has been staying in the excited state. Lungs are malorastyazhnymi (because of this there is shortness of breath during the long run). After that, when you smoke a cigarette, have narrowed vessels 25 – 40 minutes (because this increases the load on the heart). Just after the gastric juice stands smoking (regardless of whether the food is in the stomach). This juice corrodes the stomach wall, which in turn leads to ulcer.

The greatest harm smoking causes: respiratory tract, cardio – vascular system and brain. For more information about each of them:


  How smoking affects the respiratory tract?

The first thing that strikes smoking – is the respiratory system. The components of tobacco smoke causes airway inflammation, which in turn can lead to diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, cancer (mouth, trachea, tongue, larynx), etc. About 90% of smokers have serious problems with the respiratory tract.

Just make a smoker lung cancer risks. Moreover, the more cigarettes he smokes, the greater the chance of getting it. For example, if a person smokes 12 cigarettes a day, it means that it has 12 times more likely to get lung cancer than a person who does not smoke. 18 cigarettes – chances increase 18-fold, etc.

Studies have shown that light smoking 40-year-old man look like light 70-year old man.


 How smoking affects the cardio – vascular system?

Once you smoke cigarette broken oxygen delivery to the heart, which in turn leads to the destruction of the heart and blood vessels. As components of tobacco smoke and pressurized vessels constrict, causing the heart muscle to work faster (with a greater load). After you smoke a cigarette, your heart rate accelerates to 10 beats per minute. This also leads to heart failure.

Nicotine, which enters the bloodstream, favors the formation of clots in blood vessels. Also, increases in blood cholesterol levels. The risk of myocardial infarction and sudden death, for the smoker, increasing 5 times.




  How smoking affects the brain?

After the nicotine into the brain (this occurs after about 7 – 8 seconds) is narrowed vessels of the brain, which in turn reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the neural tissue and as a consequence, there are: severe headaches, memory deteriorates and etc.

Also, the smoker cerebral vessels become weak and lose their elasticity, which in turn gives the circulation and can lead to hemorrhage into the brain. At a smoker increases the opportunity to get brain cancer.

And now we present some statistics about how smoking affects the human body :

  • 85% of smokers have a diseased lungs
  • Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease is approximately 2 times
  • every 5 – 6 seconds smoking kills 1 person
  • the man who started smoking before the age of 15 years, has a chance of getting lung cancer is 5 times greater than the one who started smoking after 25 years
  • smokers a chance to get infertility increases several times
  • If a woman smokes during pregnancy, the chance that her child will not survive, increased by 20%
  • smoking shortens life by 10 – 20 years

And finally – the most common disease of smokers:

  • cardiac ischemia
  • infertility
  • gangrene
  • cancer
  • ulcer
  • respiratory tract damage
  • blurred vision
  • Chronical bronchitis

Now you know how smoking affects the human body. Quit smoking, if you want to live to a ripe old age! testosteron bestellen deutschland steroide kaufen testosteron undecanoat

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