How many muscles recover after exercise?

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All athletes know that muscles grow during rest, not during the workout. But, as the muscles recover after exercise – not many people know. Now we will examine this issue in detail. Also, except for muscle recovery, consider energy recovery, hormonal and nervous system.


What would human organ ism functioned normally and progressed, it must receive full recovery. If you know of any constituent is full recovery, you can make your perfect figure easily. And we start from the recovery of muscle tissue.

How many muscles recover after exercise?


As practice shows, there are 4 phases of muscle recovery:

  • fast
  • slow
  • supercompensation
  • stitched


Phase №1 – a quick recovery . This phase occurs immediately after exercise. During the first phase, the following occurs: the body is actively restores the lost resources (ATP, phosphocreatine, glycogen), normal heart function, normalization of hormonal system begins.

Phase №2 – slow recovery . During this period, it normalizes metabolism and begins a rapid uptake of nutrients that help cells recover.

Phase №3 – supercompensation . This phase occurs within 45 – 60 hours after the workout and lasts for 4 – 5 days. During this period, the muscles become bigger and stronger.

Phase №4 – stitched recovery . This phase included only in the event that during supercompensation you are not trained. Fully restored, all physical parameters.


Well, as the muscles recover after exercise, we learned. Now let’s look at a lot of other important components of the recovery, namely:

  • energy
  • hormones
  • nervous system


Energy Recovery:

After the next workout and the body loses a lot of energy (the more intense the training is, the more energy is lost). It is because – due to loss of energy, you feel fatigue after training (after the most depleted of the training, you barely even pluck feet). But fortunately, the energy – it is not muscle. And for a full recovery, the body will be enough only 24 hours.



Restoring hormonal:

During a workout, change the level of hormones such as cortisol and testosterone (cortisol rises slowly, and testosterone – drops). And what would grow muscles, it should be the other way around. Therefore, after a workout, it is necessary to have a good rest. Hormonal level comes back to normal for 24 – 36 hours after a workout.



Restoration of the nervous system:

Well, for the most complete recovery of the body, you need to restore your nerves. Not everyone knows that the nervous system is also involved in the exercise. For those who do not know how it happens when you do regular exercise, the brain orders your muscles that they declined. This process is very load CNS. To fully restore the CNS should be 6 – 7 days.



And now, the most basic tips for recovery:

  • Sleep : 8 – 10 hours at night
  • Sleep: 1 – 2 hours in the afternoon (faster recovery)
  • rest between training: 1 – 2 days
  • Every 3 months you need to give your body rest for 7 – 10 days (for the full restoration of all systems)
  • alternate between heavy and light training


Now you know how many muscles are reduced, energy, hormonal and central nervous system after a workout . And hopefully you realize the importance of rest.

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