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Training Diary – this is very much in azhnaya and useful thing. With the diary you will be able to: analyze their data; look and see if the training program drawn up correctly; assess the progress you made. The main key to a strong and big muscles – a progression of loads (because if the weight on the bar is not increased, the muscles do not grow what for), and the easiest way to monitor progress – is to conduct training diary . That is why such a thing as a training diary, is vital for all athletes, without exception!



Many people will say:

“Why do I need this diary? I have a good memory, I can remember everything, and without it! ”

People who say such things do not achieve great success in sport (in particular this applies to bodybuilding). Such people tend to reach a particular result is, and then trampled on it for years.

Training diary – a way to success !

The main purpose of a diary – a progression of loads. Exercising with the diary, you are in control of absolutely everything (rest, the weight on the bar, approaches, etc.), how would you fight for progress. Your task – in each workout to increase the weight on the bar and do more reps, it does not violate the technique! The increase in scale and approach may be different (even the smallest: 0.5kg or half repetition) – it does not matter, the main thing that they were!

How to fill a training diary?

Ways to fill a diary – a lot. Each person fills out as it is convenient and understandable. Below are some examples on how to properly fill out a training diary:


Example 1:

Date: 0 09.03.2013

Chest + Delta (that that train today)

1) Warm up – 5 minutes

2) Press of rod lying 12 times (weight: 85kg); 8 times (90kg); 8 times (90kg); 6 times (95kg)

and so on…

Training time: 53min.


Example 2:

Mon. (Chest L + Delta)

1) Warm up – 5 minutes

2) Press of rod lying: 85kg * 12; 90kg * 8; 90kg * 8; 95kg * 6

and so on…

Training time: 53min.


Example 3:

Chest + Delta

1) Warm up – 5 minutes

2) Press of rod lying: 1 * 12 (85kg); 2 * 8 (90kg); 1 * 6 (95kg)

and so on…

Training time: 53min.



1 * 12 (85kg) – this means that you must perform 1 set of 12 reps with a barbell weight 85kg.

2 * 8 (90kg) – this means that you have to perform 2 sets of 8 reps with a barbell weight 90kg.


In principle, not so important how you want to fill. Importantly, what would you be clear. Using a training diary, you can analyze how the program works and what does not.

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