Cheating in bodybuilding – what is it? How to use?

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To continue to grow in terms of muscle growth, you need to constantly create new stress to their muscles. This stress can be created in so many ways, and now propose to talk about one of these stress techniques. The topic of today’s article: Cheating in bodybuilding – what is it? How to use?

Cheating (translated to English: deceit or fraud) – it is when you consciously violate the proper technique for exercise to work out the best target muscle group and go into denial. For example, usually when lifting barbell biceps, you perform 10 reps * 40kg, running for so 3 weeks and can not increase the curb weight. Accordingly, in order to complicate the load and create a new stress, you connect cheating and doing so: 40kg * 10 reps with perfect technique + 2 – 3 repetitions cheating. So you go into denial and your muscles get a new hard stress, which will affect the future growth.


Cheating in bodybuilding – is a great way to complicate your workout, but this method does not fit all. This method can not be used for beginners as well as how easy it is to get injured, and for them it will be ineffective. Surprisingly, it was the newcomers this method is used more often. I think you can often observe in their gym, a picture, a young man who recently began practicing immediately threw on post much weight and starts to work in the build-up (often a noticeable when lifting barbell biceps). Then, these young people wonder why they do not grow because working with such huge scales.


And they do not grow because most of the load goes into the other muscle groups and thus target specific muscle receives only part of the load (not 100% complete). If you are a beginner, then forget about cheating at least 6 months. Concentrate on proper technique and more suitable for you to load progression. I recommend using the average level of cheating athletes and above, who know how to train properly in order to achieve a particular purpose.


Also, even advanced athletes should not forget that this method is very traumatic, and can be easily injured. If you decide to use cheating, be sure to make a good workout (total + a couple of warm-up approaches). In addition, I recommend to use only the basic (polyarticular) exercises. In this case, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.


How to use cheating in bodybuilding?

So, what is it and who needs it – we understand. It’s time to talk about how to use it in practice. In practice, everything looks pretty simple. Its essence lies in the fact that the whole body to help yourself to throw weight, and then lower it under control. This will give you a great boost in terms of muscle growth as the most effective repetition – are the ones that you have not planned (ie, if you are planning to make a 40kg * 10 reps, then the most effective reps are 11e and 12e repetition … cheating to help you ).


To make it clear, let us consider the example of “lifting dumbbells for biceps.” Imagine that each dumbbell – 15kg (your operating weight of 10 repetitions).


Approach №1: Lifting dumbbells for biceps – 15kg * 10 reps

Approach №2: Lifting dumbbells for biceps – 15kg * 10 reps

Approach №3: Lifting dumbbells for biceps – 15kg * 10 reps

Approach №4: Lifting dumbbells for biceps – 15kg x 10 reps + 2 – 3 repetitions cheating (here these 2 – 3 last repetition and make you a new stress, which will cause your muscles to adapt by muscle growth).


That’s it, now you know what is cheating in bodybuilding and how to use it. Use wisely, and you will be happy in terms of muscle growth.

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