How to clean the liver of toxins?

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The liver is an important organ of our body. It performs many vital functions. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain it in good condition (otherwise in the future may be a lot of problems). Today we will speak about how to clean the liver of toxins?

Every day a person receives a lot of toxins and poisons. The first and biggest hit takes on the liver. It acts as a filter and is trying to neutralize toxic substances. With a small amount of toxins the liver can easily handle, but with a large and permanent (for example: frequent and excessive alcohol consumption) is not so easy to do it. And fat (by the way, is why many alcoholics liver-looking like a big piece of fat) begin to die, and are formed in their place with the time of the liver cells. And the more cells killed, the more chances to earn diseases such as steatosis, cirrhosis and cancer.

And before you go to the question: how to cleanse the liver of toxins in the home? Let’s take a closer look of its function, as well as what symptoms occur when contaminated liver and what their underlying causes.

As mentioned above, the liver – this is a very important organ for our body. And she shall perform such vital functions as:

  • It neutralizes the toxic substances (so making them harmless as possible)
  • neutralizes and removes from the body excess (surplus), hormones, vitamins and other biologically active substances such
  • It provides the body’s need for glucose
  • glycogen stores in itself and some vitamins
  • regulates fat metabolism
  • It produces bile


There are some symptoms that indicate that the liver that is not okay. This symptoms such as:

  • nausea
  • deteriorating appetite
  • there is general fatigue
  • discomfort and heaviness in the right half of the abdomen
  • abdominal distention
  • there is a feeling of bitterness in the mouth
  • pungent smell of sweat

These are the symptoms that occur most frequently. And if they do not pay attention, then for them to be followed by other (more damaging)

  • jaundice
  • intoxication
  • angiostaxis
  • swelling
  • brown spots on the head (at the roots of the hair)


The most common causes of liver disease are:

  • excessive use too sweet and too fatty food
  • frequent and excessive drinking
  • addicted to smoking

How to clean the liver of toxins?

There are many different formulations of tablets and which are able to clean the liver. But today we will not talk about them. Today you will learn how to cleanse the liver of toxins folk remedies at home.

Method №1

The simplest way that can be used as a preventive. Take 1 tablespoon of milk thistle, and grind it to a powder state. Then pour this powder with one cup of boiling water. We insist ostuzhivaem, squeeze and take the broth for 30 minutes before meals, 1 tablespoon – 3 times a day.

 Method №2

A more advanced method (for people, in which the first mild symptoms appeared). Take milk thistle and grind it to a powder state. Add the honey (the proportion must be the same, that is, how much milk thistle, as it should be honey). Mix it all (which would have been monotonous mixture), and take 1ch.l. – 2 times a day with meals. The mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.

Method №3 

H s need such grass as Agrimony and milk thistle. Brew grass Agrimony (1ch.l. to 200ml). Thistle grinds to powder state. Eat 1ch.l. thistle and drink a part of it from the broth Repeshko – 2 times a day.

Method №4

The purification of beet broth. Take one large beets, wash it thoroughly and place in a saucepan. Fill 3 liters of water and put on medium heat. Once it boils, we make a small fire and wait in the pan will be 1 liter of water. Then, remove the pot, pull out the beets and rub it on a small grater. Then, add the grated beets in the broth and boil on low heat – 20 minutes. As time passed, remove the broth and pour 1 cup (200ml) – drink (ie, removed, poured and drank).


After, you need to wait (until the broth has cooled), then wring out porridge from beet (which would remain liquid only). And finally, it is necessary to divide the broth into 3 parts and take every 3 hours. For maximum effectiveness, after drinking the broth, it is necessary to lie down for a while and put a heating pad on the right side (the region of the liver).

Method №5

M enu cleaning decoction of oats. Take 200g of raw oats. Thoroughly wash and pour 1 liter of water. We leave to infuse for 12 hours. When time passes, put over medium heat, bring to a boil and leave it in a boiling state for 30 minutes (the fire has a small lid in the pan – closed). After that, remove from heat, wrap up and leave for 12 hours (which would currently). Push-ups (that would remain liquid only) and is used for 100ml of broth for 30 minutes before a meal – 3 times a day. The course lasts for 2 months, then you need to make a break for 30 days and can be repeated again.


It is the safest, most affordable and at the same time very effective methods of cleaning the liver from toxins . At least 2 times a year, I recommend to carry out such procedures.

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  1. Excellent cope with the cleansing of the liver lemons, but since a whole lemon a person can not eat, then a pair of lobules during the day will be enough.

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