Cardio and strength training for weight loss?

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Many argue about the effectiveness of various training in terms of fat loss. Some say it is better to burn body fat, etc. and cardio workouts, others that help burn fat weight training. Who is right? Today we will try to understand what is better, cardio or strength training for weight loss?

As you know, there are 2 major kinds of loads:

  • Aerobic exercise (cardio)
  • Anaerobic load (strength training)


They differ in that different burn fat. Let’s look in more detail.

Cardio training:

Aerobic exercise and (cardio) much energy-intensive than anaerobic, and uses as a fuel – body fat! But the fat starts to burn immediately, because the first thing the body will use up glycogen. As a rule, after 30 – 40 minutes glycogen ends and our body is taken for burning fat. Therefore, in order that to lose weight you need to run at least 60 minutes. Not very convenient, is not it? Just after the completion of aerobic exercise, the body continues to burn fat rapidly within 2 hours.


Power training:

Anaerobic load (power) less energy than cardio and uses as fuel – glycogen. But strength training has a number of advantages:

  • after completion of training, anaerobic load creates a greater calorie deficit than aerobic (ie, cardio training “such as running” burn more calories than power, but if you take into account the whole day, then strength training will burn more calories due to the energy that is required muscles to recover)
  • The more muscle, the more fat burning (muscles are very hungry, and they will spend a lot of calories, even while you sleep)


Due to the shortage of calories, the body begins to eat not only fat but also muscle mass and strength training prevents this (he seems to be giving the body a signal that the muscle can not be touched, they are needed for heavy work).


So which is better:

Cardio and strength training for weight loss?


We need to use both!

Yet, strength training should in the first place. Cardio accelerates the process of losing weight due to the direct effects on body fat!


Below are the 2 best fat-burning circuit workout:


scheme №1

  • 45 minutes: strength training
  • 15 – 30 minutes: cardio training


For the first 45 minutes of training with all the iron burn glycogen, and thereafter, starts directly cardio burn fat.



scheme №2

  • morning (fasting): cardio training
  • evening: strength training


In the morning (fasting) – this is the most effective time to burn fat. Since the whole night you have not eaten, and the body is in a state of calorie deficit, and if you start cardio workout, then he had no choice but how to start intensive use of fat stores for energy. But there is one big BUT.

Cardio on an empty stomach burns very quickly as the fat and muscles, therefore, to preserve muscle mass is recommended to take before, during and after a workout BCAA amino acids (which help prevent muscle loss, it does not block the fat burning).

Strength training also will support your muscle volume and create a larger calorie deficit for the day.


I hope I lucidly explained, and now you do not have a question: Cardio and strength training for weight loss? Listen to your body and it will tell you how best to build and combine aerobic and anaerobic workout.

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