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In terms of weight loss, nutrition games flushes a very important role. After all, if you eat everything, then no amount of training will not help you lose weight. In this article, I want to touch on the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss – menu  (the most important rules). Adhering to these rules, you can lose weight quickly and without harm to health.


Proper nutrition is, – this is not a special diet. Proper nutrition – it’s just the right composed menu with well-chosen products. Such a diet provides the body with all the necessary resources to it.

So there TOP – 7 most important rules that must be followed.

Bases of proper nutrition for weight loss – Menu:


1) We need to spend more calories than you take

To lose weight, you should consume daily energy (calories) than you get (from food). This is the most important rule in the diet plan. What would have been more clear, I suggest to make out the rule by example.


Imagine that during the day in your body receives 2800 calories and 3000 calories you spend. It turns out that there is an excess of 200 calories. Because of this excess, you do not lose weight or even gain weight (your weight gradually increases). To start losing weight, you need to cut back on your usual diet by 10 – 15%. We do as follows: 3000 – 10% (for a start) = 2700 (our new daily calorie). Now, as you can see, we have 2700 calories and the arrival of 2800 calories. In this cases already have a deficit of 100 calories, and you start to lose weight gradually.


After the power cut – do the measurements and strictly adhere to the diet in the following weeks. A week later, we do the measurements again and look at the result. If you lost weight by 0.4 – 1 kg, it means that everything is fine, no need to change anything. If we see that the lost weight only 0.1 – 0.2kg or not lost weight, then you need to cut back a little diet (which is 10%). Then again, to hold a week (without disruption) and make control measurements. This way you will control your weight loss process.


2) Fractional power

You should eat 6 – 12 times a day in small portions. Why do we need such an approach? Everything is very simple! Such frequent meals brings several advantages:

  • It maintains a high metabolic rate (this is very important in the process of weight loss, because the faster the metabolism, the faster you lose weight)
  • retains a small volume of the stomach (this allows you to keep a thin waist and get rid of bulging belly)
  • It supports the amino acid profile at the same level (your muscles get the nutrients continuously, without ups and downs)
  • nutrients are better absorbed (less volume of food, the easier the body to digest and assimilate all eaten, respectively)


3) Drink plenty of water

The necessity daily mo drinking from 3 to 6 liters of pure water (no tea or juice, namely water). Water removes toxins from the body and is involved in many vital processes. Also, it speeds up your metabolism (which is very important for weight loss).

After waking up (30 minutes before meals), drink 200 ml of water at room temperature, it is also a positive effect on fat burning.


4) Breakfast

Breakfast must be present in the menu-based nutrition for weight loss , because it is the most important meal (not only in terms of weight loss). Our body is starved for 7 – 9 hours (while asleep), and if he does not give the necessary resources to restore lost energy, it could end very badly in terms of weight loss (and not only). Starting from the problems with digestion, slowing metabolism and ending with the addition of extra kilos (is such that skip breakfast, you eat very little during the day, and the weight still does not go away, and where even added). The ideal breakfast: 50% complex carbohydrates and 25% simple carbohydrates, 25% protein, 0% fat (oatmeal + apple + scrambled egg whites).


5) Last carbohydrate intake

Simple carbohydrates you should eat until 12:00, and complex, for 4 – 6 hours before bedtime (that is, if you go to bed at 23:00, the last meal of carbohydrate you should be 17:00 – 19:00 ). Carbohydrates are well spent in the morning and late in the afternoon, they are beginning to be deposited in the fat. After 17:00 – 19:00 (in your case) is allowed to eat only protein and vegetables.



6) Fiber

Eat a lot of vegetables, because they contain fiber, which contributes to the loss of excess weight. Fiber slows digestion and normalizes digestion, thus on the body produce less fat.

Sources: cabbage (cabbage, red, Brussels), broccoli, raw carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, greens, etc.



7) Eating before bedtime

Who would there not saying that is bad to eat before going to bed – it’s all a lie! Before going to bed to eat can be the most important – is to choose the right food. Of course, if you eat a piece of cake and go to bed, it will be 100% bad, but if you eat 100g of cheese, it will bring only benefits and no fat. Cottage cheese – it’s the best product that you can eat before going to bed. Eaten curd will fuel your body with high quality protein throughout the sleep (because of this prevents catabolism and your muscles are not destroyed).



Bases of proper nutrition for weight loss:

Proteins fats carbohydrates



Your diet should be sufficient amount of protein foods (meat, eggs, fish, cheese). If it is small, then the following will occur: the poor state of the skin, constant hunger, slow metabolism, a possible raise bad cholesterol, loss of muscle mass (muscle after losing weight will become flabby). Norma protein intake is considered to be for men (2g * 1 kg of body weight), for women (1.5g * 1 kg of body weight).




During the weight loss you need to reduce the consumption of fatty foods. The norm is considered to 0.5g * 1 kg of body weight. In the diet, leave only healthy fats, such as omega 3, 6 and 9. Of all fats, omega 3 must necessarily come from food, since they also help burn fat. Sources: sea fish, flaxseed and olive oil.




Ang Euodias are the main source of energy and the main cause of excess weight. Your diet should be as simple carbohydrates such as: cakes, pastries, white bread, potatoes and everything else like that (simple carbohydrates are allowed only fruits in small quantities). Emphasis needs to be done on complex carbohydrates, such as rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, etc. Norma carbohydrate consumption is considered to be for men (3g * 1 kg of body weight), for women (2.5g * 1 kg of body weight). If the fat is not lit, slightly reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.



Sample menu nutrition might look like this:

1 meal: protein (25%) + carbohydrates (75%)

2 meal: protein (50%) + carbohydrates (25%) + fat (25%)

3 meals: protein (50%) + carbohydrates (50%)


4 meal: protein (50 – 70%) + carbohydrates (30 – 50%)

5 meal: protein (75%) + fat (25%)

6 meal: protein (100%)


If all of this translate into food, then this menu might look like this:

1 meal: eggs (protein) + oatmeal + fruit

2 meal: chicken + buckwheat + linseed oil + vegetables

3 meal: fish (cod) + rice + vegetables


4 meal: turkey fillet + buckwheat + vegetables

5 meal: fish (herring or salmon) + vegetables

6 meals: low-fat cottage cheese



This is the most important basics of proper nutrition for weight loss (à la carte) . If you stick to them, you will surely lose weight. Just do not forget about the physical load. With their help you will be able to more quickly achieve the desired result.

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