Food for the girls and for the relief of burning fat: the menu for the week

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While working on the relief – nutrition plays a key role. That’s how good your diet is balanced and will depend on your progress. Most of the girls do not understand how to properly balance your diet to achieve maximum progress. Therefore, this article will talk about proper nutrition for women to burn fat . I’ll tell you everything in detail and give you a rough menu for the week.


Usually, when the girls go on a diet, it is most often used in your diet foods such as fruits, cereals, vegetables, yogurt, and more. Sample menu might look like this:

7:00 – oatmeal + Coffee

10:00 – Apple

13:00 – what – what diet soup

16:00 – buckwheat porridge + vegetables

20:00 – yogurt


Yes, if it creates a deficit, you will lose weight – it’s a fact! But, to lose weight you will be like from fat, and at the expense of muscle (and the muscles will be spent in the first place). Why is that? Because this menu is not correct, because it is not balanced. If you disassemble all on BZHU, we see that the protein in the diet is almost no (and it is very, very bad, because the muscles – is a protein), fat is also the bare minimum (which we also can not rule out completely, because without fat is not possible to develop the set of hormones), but enough carbohydrates.


Food for girls for relief must include a sufficient amount of protein + moderate amounts of fats and carbohydrates. Only in this case you can make your body ripped and sexy. Just to lose weight, you should still follow some basic rules:


Rule №1 – The deficit of calories in the diet

To burn fat, you should eat fewer calories than the body needs to maintain the current form. That is, if you are currently on average eat 1700 calories, then to start losing weight, you need to eat 1,500 calories daily. Your daily deficit is obtained – 200 calories. And in order to function properly, your body will have to take these 200 daily calories from fat. Thus, fat burning will occur.


You can say, “Cool! Then we can make a calorie deficit for 1000, and I will lose weight 5 times faster! ”

I hasten to disappoint you. This will not happen! At first, of course you can speed up the process of losing weight, but it will take 7 – 14 days and the body stops burning fat. Cease, because you have made too big deficiency in the diet, and he sees this as a threat to life. Accordingly, in order to survive the body begins to slow down all processes and block fat burning. To avoid this, it is necessary to do everything smoothly and gradually (it should occur naturally).


Rule №2 – Eat often

If you plan to build power for girls for relief, then forget about the standard 2 – 3 meals a day. To lose weight, your time should be 4 – 6 meals. Such power has several advantages:

  • no hunger (fixed meals do not allow hungry)
  • body constantly receives resources (every 2 – 4 hours in the body receives a certain amount of food, allowing your body to function properly)
  • good work the gastrointestinal tract (the stomach is not overloaded with food, which ultimately has a positive effect on his work)



Rule №3 – Motivation and Discipline

This rule is also a key fragment. To go from start to finish, you need motivation. To comply with all 100%, you need discipline. So, before you see the menu for the week to burn fat , you need to know exactly why you need to comply with this food. You must understand that you will get a result. If you just say, “I want to lose weight”, then it might not work because “I want to lose weight,” a loose concept. You need a specific goal to be motivated.

For example: “I want to prepare the body for beach season”, “I want to lose weight before the New Year”, “I want to get into an evening dress”, etc. If you have a specific goal, then the motivation will be at altitude.



Rule №4 – The right balance BZHU

To burn fat, you need to properly distribute the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In a normal diet (when she starts to eat fruits, cereals, yogurt, etc.) dominate the carbohydrates, that by itself is not correct. Carbohydrates should not be much, they should be in moderation. In order to correctly calculate the ratio BZHU, do the following:

Proteins – should be 1.5 times the weight of the body. That is, if your body weight = 70kg, then do this: 1.5 * 70 = 105g (your daily rate).

Fats – should be 0.5 times the weight of the body. That is, if your body weight = 70kg, then do this: 0.5 * 70 = 35g (your daily rate).


If the proteins and fats we can find the formula that fits for almost all the carbohydrates more difficult as the carbohydrates are selected individually. But to make it easier, and that you understand on what a start, I recommend to start to do the following: 2 times the weight of the body. That is, if your body weight = 70kg, then do this: 2 * 70 = 140g (your daily norm of carbohydrates). Then watch and are adjusting (lose weight – do not change / do not lose weight – reducing the amount of carbohydrates).



Rule №5 – Drink the required amount of liquid

Water is a vital substance for our body. Whether you are training for relief or for a set of muscle mass, you still have to drink the required amount of liquid. I recommend drinking 1.5 – 2L of water each day.


Well, the main recommendations about what should be food for women to burn fat – you get the idea. Now let’s talk specifically about the products. I’ll give you 2 menu options for weight loss, which can be alternated with each other.



Menu for the week for the relief and fat burning:


scheme №1

First meal:

  • oatmeal
  • raisins
  • scrambled eggs 2


Second meal:

  • a fish
  • rice
  • vegetables


Third meal:

  • skim cheese
  • orange


Fourth meal:

  • chicken fillet
  • vegetables
  • linseed oil


Fifth meal:

  • casein protein



scheme №2

First meal:

  • black bread
  • scrambled eggs 2
  • vegetables


Second meal:

  • turkey breast
  • buckwheat
  • vegetables


Third meal:

  • Whey Protein
  • nuts


Fourth meal:

  • lean beef
  • vegetables


Fifth meal:

  • skim cheese
  • yogurt (1%)



What and in what proportions exactly to the gram I will not write, because every girl is an individual, and therefore each need their number BZHU. In this menu, I just showed what products can be used and in what order.


Just do not forget that in addition to proper diet still need to practice. Without training, you will not be able to achieve maximum progress. To get the beautiful and the relief of the body in a short period of time, it is necessary to combine the proper training and proper nutrition.

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