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“Drying” – this is a lengthy process that involves getting rid of body fat with the help of properly composed diet and intense training. It should also be noted that the drying body for women is markedly different from the male-drying (as nutrition and training).


Drying the body for girls. Why does she need?


The n Heat-autumn – winter is an intensive set of muscle mass. As a rule, increase pure lean muscle mass is very difficult, sometimes even impossible. Therefore, there is a general increase in both muscle and fat mass. Drying also allows you to make the body beautiful and embossed (with a minimal amount of fat). They need those girls who in this period scored the extra fat, and now want to bring your body in perfect shape before the beach season.



Basic Tips:


№1. Eat need often but in small portions.

The so-called frequent (fractional) power. Such food will bring you many benefits in the process of losing weight. Frequent – which means that meals are every 1.5 – 2.5 hours. The main advantage of this power – it is acceleration of metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight (and vice versa). Also, frequent meals can maintain amino acid profile on a single level, which is very good during drying, as is constantly receiving the necessary nutrients in the right quantity.


Girls is very important size of their waists, and as no surprise, this food helps to reduce your waistline. How? Everything is very simple! The more meals, the less your portion, and the less your portion, the lower stomach is stretched. The smaller stomach, the lower the waist. Also, this food to better absorb food (no problems with digestion) and does not load the gastrointestinal tract. You can eat 6 times a day (250g portions), but can have 12 times a day (125g portions).



№2. It is very important to maintain high metabolic rate.

About this I have already mentioned (the faster the speed, the faster burning of fat). Metabolism can spin fractional power (an effective method), and so it is possible to use some of the foods that slightly increase this speed. These are foods like: red hot pepper, green tea and cool water.



No. 3. To burn fat, you get fewer calories than spend.

Here you can stop and find out more, as this is the most important rule. You will not observe it, consider that the drying body girls go down the drain. This rule states that you need to eat less than you are moving during the day (or move more than eat – as you prefer). There are girls who are hard to sit on a very strict diet, so the main emphasis may be placed on the exercise (greatly increase the flow rate). Also, there is a girl who is easy enough to eat, but do not have time for frequent workouts (these girls are the main focus and tight control are doing on a diet – the arrival of calories).


Let’s look at an example of what you would have understood it all. Suppose that every day you consume 1,800 calories (gaining weight on a calorie content) and you want to lose weight (dry). To do this, you need to cut about 15% of their daily calories from carbohydrates, and then to begin fat burning. 1800 – 15% = 1530 calories (your new daily calorie). Trims, start eating the new calorie and see (and control commit).


A week passed, you can see the changes (fat slowly starts to leave, buttocks and tummy better start to emerge … there is relief) – do not change anything. Everything goes according to plan. If after a week there is no change, then it can be a little trim diet (which is 10%). As you lose weight, do not trim the food. Trim need when completely stopped losing weight. Otherwise, if you are too fast to cut calories, the body will think that came the “hunger strike” and closed in itself (begin to accumulate all the resources in the fat stores). Do not be afraid to lose weight slowly – be afraid to stand on the spot!


№4. Admission to minimize fat.

Your diet must contain a minimum amount of fat. Moreover, fatty acid data must be exceptionally good. Sources of bad fats: margarine, lard, fatty meat, fatty dairy products. Sources of good fats: flax oil, olive oil, avocado, sunflower seeds, nuts and oily fish. Do not try to completely exclude fats, as this will lead to a hormonal crash and slow down the process of fat burning. The daily rate of fatty acids is 0.5g per 1kg of body weight.



№5. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids.

Water is the most important factor vital for the human body. The set of functions depends on the quantity and quality of water. Just as it is not strange, water helps to lose weight. Limited drinking regime during weight loss – a very big mistake. Water speeds up metabolism, dilutes the viscosity of the blood and removes waste from the body. The daily rate of water during the drying: 2 – 4 liters.


№6. Last carbohydrate intake should be 5 – 6 hours before bedtime.

Carbohydrates – a simple and a great source of energy for our body. But this energy it is not always necessary. Rather, it is always needed, but in some cases it should be larger, and in some cases – less. The biggest need for carbohydrates, it is the first half of the day. In the second half (in the evening), the body needs a maximum of energy the least. That is why, if the carbohydrate foods to eat before going to bed, it will be very difficult to lose weight.



№7. More slow carbohydrates and less rapid.

It is necessary to reduce the intake of fast carbohydrates (honey, fruits, etc.), and focus on slow carbohydrates (oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, etc.). Fast carbohydrates are bad because they provide the fastest energy that just as quickly extinguished. Slow carbohydrates are the same, on the contrary, provide lasting energy, allowing you to maintain the health of the body’s long periods of time.



№8. Increase your protein levels.

Protein – is the main building material for our muscles. Drying the body for girls (its success) is very dependent on the quantity and quality of protein. If your diet is not plenty of proteins, you risk losing some muscle mass. And if you lose muscle mass, what is washed away in the drying? Then it is a simple weight loss! For this reason, almost all athletes are raising the level of protein foods than usual. Of course, part of the protein is not learned, but it is not as important as what you will be sure that your muscles are left with you.



№9. Avoid eating junk.

I think here especially do not need to explain. Such food waste, such as: ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, chips, store yogurt, etc., not only slow down the process of losing weight is harmful to the body.



№10. Avoid alcohol.

As you dry off, and so the body is under stress due to the enhanced training and severely curtailed supply. Alcohol – is an additional stress, which negatively affect the entire drying in general. Once it enters the body, the task №1 for your body – this is the conclusion of venom from the body.



№11. Work must be very intense.

Training also play an important role in fat burning. Of course, you can lose weight just by diet (without training), but then you can be sure that all will lose muscle and get flabby body after weight loss. For girls, the ideal option would be a combination of anaerobic (strength) and aerobic (cardio) exercise. This combination will give you the most rapid and effective results. Moreover, cardio load should be just after strength training, as during the weight training you destroyed glycogen stores, and now the only source of energy is fat.


Diet – a 70% success rate during drying. Yes, yes … it is diet. Many people think that the main key to success – this workout, but NO. Training – is additional assistance to the diet. But that would achieve maximum effect, you need to combine diet with exercise.


Drying the body for women has about the diet:

7:00     water – 200ml

7:30     oatmeal – 50g / Grapefruit – ½

9:30     buckwheat – 30g / eggs – 2 pieces (white + yolk) / eggs – 1pc (protein only) / vegetables

11:30     buckwheat – 20g / chicken fillet – 100g / vegetables / 1ch.l. linseed oil

13:30      cheese – 130g / vegetables / 1ch.l. olive oil

15:30 – 16:30    TRAINING (during a workout you can drink BCAA)

17:00      rice – 30g / chicken fillet – 100g / vegetables / 1ch.l. linseed oil

19:00      turkey fillet – 100g / vegetables / 1ch.l. olive oil

21:00      chicken fillet – 100g / vegetables

23:00      cheese – 130g



Bottom line:

Proteins: 150 – 160g

Fat: 30 – 35g

Carbohydrates: 100 – 110g

Calories: 1500 – 1600


This diet is designed for girls, body weight is 58 – 62kg. If you weigh more or less, the Correct diet for themselves. Every week, weigh yourself and follow your results. Successful drying – is if you will lose 0.4 – 0.9kg per week. With this result, you will burn pure fat, and muscle mass will remain untouched.


If you lose weight by more than 1 kg per week, then add some carbohydrates (20 – 30g) in your diet. And if you do not lose weight or lost weight just somewhere to 100g, then it is necessary to remove some carbohydrates (20 – 30g) from your diet.


With power understood, now we started training. As I said earlier, the body dryer for girls differs from the men, not only food, but also training. Trainings are of two types: power (training with the iron) and aerobic (running, bike, etc.). For maximum effect, you have to combine two types of training.


Terms of training:

  • duration – 60min
  • the amount of training – 5
  • Rest between sets – from 30 to 45 seconds (depending on the complexity of the exercise)
  • during exercise you should drink 1 liter of water






  1. Raising the legs in the vise on the bar to a maximum of 4
  2. Twisting prone to maximum 4
  3. Thrust vertical block wide grip to the chest 4 * 12-15
  4. Traction T fingerboard direct grip 4 * 12-15
  5. Lifting barbell biceps standing 4 * 12-15
  6. Hammer flexion 4 * 12-15
  7. Aerobic exercise (jogging or bike) 30min at a slow pace



  1. Squats on the shoulders of 4 * 20
  2. Leg Extension in the simulator 4 * 20
  3. Dead traction on straight legs 4 * 20
  4. lying leg curls 4 20 *
  5. Rise on your toes standing 4 * 25
  6. Aerobic exercise (jogging or bike) 35min at a slow pace



  1. Raising the legs in the vise on the bar to a maximum of 4
  2. Twisting prone to maximum 4
  3. Push-ups on the floor grip average 4 * 15-20
  4. Wiring dumbbells lying 4 * 15
  5. Bench press narrow grip barbell 4 * 12-15
  6. Bars 4 * 12-15
  7. Aerobic exercise (jogging or bike) 30min at a slow pace


Thursday – Rest



  1. Reverse Crunch 4 to maximum
  2. Twisting the Roman chair to maximum 4
  3. Thrust vertical block wide grip behind the head 4 * 12-15
  4. Link to horizontal block to the belt 4 * 12-15
  5. Thrust rods wide grip chin 4 * 12-15
  6. Breeding hands with dumbbells in the slope of 4 * 15
  7. Aerobic exercise (jogging or bike) 30min at a slow pace



  1. Squats on chest 4 * 20
  2. Lunges with dumbbells 4 * 20
  3. Lifting dumbbells in front of a 4 * 15
  4. Lifting dumbbells to the sides 4 * 15
  5. Aerobic exercise (jogging or bike) 40min at a slow pace


Sunday – Rest


Further, when used to the load, you can increase your time. You can add more sets in the exercises, or do long cardio after training. Also, as an option, it is possible to train twice a day. In the morning – Cardio (15 – 40 minutes), and in the evening under the scheme.


Drying the body for girls – this is not an easy task. Strictly keep a diet heavily Train halyavte not in training, and in the summer you will make the perfect physique. Men will admire and girls – ENVY ! Good luck!

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