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“Drying” – it is a complex and lengthy process, which allows the maximum draw the topography of your muscles, with minimal loss of muscle mass. It should also be noted that the drying body for men is opposed to female drying (since that is suitable for women, for men will be ineffective or even failed).


Drying the body for men. Why does she need?


Usually in the winter and children set of muscle mass. Almost all the men who have in the gym, they want to gain huge muscle mass (which would become bigger, stronger and more powerful). But pure lean muscle mass gain is impossible, so there is a general increase: + fat muscle. Drying also will help to make the body a maximum relief, beautiful and without excess fat.

Fundamental rules:


Rule №1: Frequent meals.

Frequent power, it means that it is necessary to eat food every 2 – 2.5 hours. But this does not mean that if you eat 4 times a day, small portions, but now you need to have 6 – 8 times the same portions. No, it means that large portions 4 are to be divided into 6 – 8 smaller portions. Generally, you should have at least 6 times, and the maxim as you want (at least 20 times … if you can of course).


It is important to observe split meals during the drying process, as a way of eating allows you to accelerate your metabolism. The higher and faster the metabolism, the easier for you to say goodbye to the subcutaneous fat. In addition, frequent meals monitors and supports the amino acid profile at the same level (without the ups and downs). Also, this food does not bother the stomach and not stretch it.


Rule №2: The high rate of metabolism.

It is important that during the drying process does not slow down your metabolism, and even increased, because it is faster than the faster you will be able to say goodbye to the subcutaneous fat (I have already mentioned). One of the most effective ways to accelerate metabolism – This participation meals (smaller meals). The more openings, the less likely that the metabolism to slow down. Also, you can use some products (green tea, hot pepper and water). These products contribute to the metabolism in the body.


Rule №3: Consume fewer calories than spend per day.

This rule is the leader among all the rules. If you do not comply, then consider that the drying body for men – failed. It says that to eat food (calories from food) must be less than you are able to spend a day (training and any other physical activity).


For example: at the moment you eat 3000 calories and lose weight (the day you eats 3000 calories and spend 3000 calories). Accordingly, we can start to lose weight, you need to cut back on calorie content by 15% (3000 – 15% = 2550). It turns out that the day you load up 2550 calories, and spend 3000. And that’s just not get those 450 calories the body will be taken from fat. Even as an option, you can make the deficit by increasing physical activity. For example, you can add an additional one-hour walk in the park (with friends or girlfriend), and your consumption will increase by 200 – 300 calories. It turns out the arrival of 3000 and 3200 – 3300 consumption (deficit 200 – 300 calories).


Once cut diet or increased consumption – see and monitor results. A week passed – look in the mirror and make repeated measurements. If you see that fat slowly starts to leave, you do not need to change anything. Everything works exactly as planned. If suddenly you see that nothing has changed, then you need to cut back on food intake by 200 – 300 calories in a week and again to check the result. It is important to do everything slowly. Cut the food only if the weight loss process is stopped. In this way you will reduce the loss of muscle mass to a minimum, and the burning of fat to the maximum.


Rule №4: Choose only high-quality fats.

Completely abandon the fatty acids can not be, since it is an integral part of the normal functioning of our body. You just have to throw out the bad sources of fat (lard, margarine, butter, fatty meat, milk fat) and to include good sources (nuts, oily fish, olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado). Eat fats should be strictly according to the norm (0.5g * 1 kg of body weight).



Rule №5: Drink plenty of water.

As you know (or do not know), our body is largely composed of water. Therefore, the value of this fluid can not be overstated. It is especially important that you consume enough fluids during drying. Water carries a lot of positive factors (acceleration of metabolism, the withdrawal of toxins from the body, etc.). The daily rate of water during the drying: 3 – 5 liters.


Rule №6: Last reception carbohydrate foods.

Carbohydrates (as well as fats) are vital components required for our body. Carbohydrates – is the most important and coolest source of energy for our body. But the steep energy source can cause obesity and reduce your drying to a zero result. What would this do not happen, it is necessary to strictly control the intake of carbohydrates and carbohydrate foods sedat all in the first half of the day. Last carbohydrate intake should be at least 5 – 6 hours before bedtime.



Rule №7: Complex carbohydrates are put to the leaders.

In essence carbohydrates are divided into two main types (simple and complex). Complex carbohydrates are different from the simple fact that they are able to feed your body with energy for quite a long time. While simple carbohydrates give an immediate Wake up energy that disappears just as quickly. Therefore, the emphasis should be placed on complex carbohydrate foods (rice, oatmeal, barley, buckwheat, etc.). Simple carbohydrates can be consumed, but their number must be minimized. Sources of simple carbohydrates: honey, fruits, dried fruits, etc.



Rule №8: eat more protein.

Drying the body for men (its success) – depends on the quality and quantity of protein you consumed. After all, during the drying task is to burn fat and preserve muscle, and a key component of muscle is protein. If your body is not a sufficient amount of protein will come, you can be sure that part of the muscle – subsides. That is why, during the drying of many bodybuilders increase the daily rate of protein in 1.5 – 2 times. I think, for the ordinary bodybuilder – the fan will be enough if it will increase the rate of protein in 1.5 times. That is, if you previously ate 200g of protein, during drying you need to eat 300g.



Rule №9: Remove food debris.

Food waste is different mayonnaise, ketchup, sugar, chips, crackers, soda and so on. Moreover, all this adversely affects your health, so also slows fat burning process. On drying need to create a calorie deficit, and all the goodies – it’s extra calories, from which there is no sense.



Rule №10: Tell habits – NO.

During the burning of fat, it is very undesirable consumption of alcohol, as this extra stress and extra calories. Your body and so is under stress (rigid diet and constant grueling workout). After alcohol is ingested into the blood, the problem №1 for your body – is the output from the venom of the body. Avoid alcohol at least during drying.



Rule №11: Intensive training.

Diet diet, but the training must be present. Strength training can help you maintain muscle mass and burn body fat. During drying, you can do as a pure strength training, and combine them with cardio (if combined with cardio, you will lose weight faster, but there is a chance to lose some muscle mass). Doing cardio only (without strength training) – it is impossible, since in such cases can say goodbye to his muscles.


Correctly composed diet – a 70% success rate. Many people believe that exercise – is the basis of drying, but NO. Coaching – it is like a help to diet, exercise alone will not help here. A complete drying, which has the maximum effect – this intensive training + proper nutrition.


Drying the body for men has about the diet:

7:00     water – 200ml

7:30     oatmeal – 60g / Grapefruit – ½

9:30     Rice – 40g / eggs – 2 pieces (white + yolk) / eggs – 1pc (protein only) / vegetables

11:30     buckwheat – 40g / chicken fillet – 120g / vegetables / 1ch.l. linseed oil

13:30      cheese – 150g / vegetables / 1ch.l. olive oil

15:30 – 16:30    TRAINING + amino acids during exercise (optional)

17:00      buckwheat – 50g / chicken fillet – 120g / vegetables / 1ch.l. linseed oil

19:00      chicken eggs – 1pc (white + yolk) / turkey breast – 80g / vegetables

21:00      chicken fillet – 120g / vegetables / 1ch.l. olive oil

23:00      cheese – 200g


Bottom line:

Proteins: 190 – 200g

Fat: 35 – 40

Carbohydrates: 150 – 160g

Calories: 1950 – 2050


This eating plan is designed for men who weigh 78 – 82kg. If your body weight is more or less, then you just need to adjust the diet plan for yourself. Every week you have to weigh and monitor their results. If you lose 0.6 – 1 kg per week, that means you’re doing it right, and your fat begins to slowly melt (the muscles remain untouched).



  • week you lost weight greater than 1 kg – must be added carbohydrates (about 30g) in your meal plan
  • your result for the week has not changed, or you have lost weight by about 200g – it is necessary to remove the carbs a bit (about 30g) of their daily diet.


So with a diet sorted out, now we proceed to the most pleasant – training. As I mentioned before: drying body for men different from women’s (specific difference in training). Training has power (training with iron) and aerobic (exercise bike, running, jumping rope, etc.).


In order to achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to combine these two types of training. Training with iron necessarily needed, but aerobics in question. The aerobics is both a plus and a minus:

  • PLUS: you will be able to achieve results faster
  • MINUS: you will lose some muscle mass


Therefore, this training scheme does not include aerobic exercise (if someone is not satisfied, then you can alter the scheme for themselves).


Fundamental rules:

  • duration – 50 min
  • the amount of training – 5
  • Rest between sets – from 30 to 50 seconds
  • during exercise you should drink 1 – 1.5l of water






  1. Warm 5min
  2. Squats 1 * 20/2 * 15/4 * 8
  3. Leg Extension in the simulator 1 * 20/4 * 12
  4. Dead straight legs bent at 1 * 20/2 * 15/4 * 8
  5. Lying leg curls 1 * 20/4 * 12
  6. Rise on your toes while standing 5 * 25



  1. Warm 5min
  2. Pullups 5 * 8
  3. Thrust block behind the head 4 * 12
  4. Trainers 4 * 12
  5. Thrust rod to the belt in the slope 1 * 20/1 * 15/3 * 8
  6. Deadlift 1 * 20/2 * 15/3 * 8
  7. Twisting lying at a maximum of 5



  1. Warm 5min
  2. Bench barbell standing 1 * 20/1 * 15/3 * 8
  3. Lifting dumbbells in front of a 4 * 12
  4. Bench rod because of the head 1 * 20/1 * 15/3 * 8
  5. Lifting dumbbells to the sides 4 * 12
  6. Thrust rods wide grip chin 1 * 20/1 * 15/3 * 8
  7. Breeding hands with dumbbells in the slope of standing 4 * 12
  8. pullups legs sitting on a maximum of 5


Thursday – Rest



  1. Warm 5min
  2. Bench press bar lying 1 * 20/1 * 15/4 * 8
  3. Bench barbell on the bench with a slope of up 1 * 20/1 * 15/4 * 8
  4. Wiring dumbbells on a bench with a slope of up 4 12 *
  5. Crossover 5 * 12
  6. Raising the legs in the vise on the bar to a maximum of 5
  7. Twisting the Roman chair to maximum 5



  1. Warm 5min
  2. Bench press narrow grip 1 * 20/1 * 15/4 * 8
  3. Bars 1 * 15/3 * 8
  4. French bench press 5 * 12
  5. Lifting barbell biceps standing 1 * 20/1 * 15/4 * 8
  6. Lifting barbell biceps reverse grip 1 * 15/3 * 8
  7. Biceps bench Scott at 5 * 12


Sunday – Rest


If you still want to quickly get rid of fat, you can turn 20 minutes of cardio after each workout. Why after a workout? Because your glycogen stores are depleted and are now the only source of energy is fat. But how would the body except fat and muscle will capture to processing, which is why I recommend cardio to take a portion of BCAA’s, which would protect the muscles from damage.


Drying the body for men – is a unique opportunity to maximize the body beautiful and sexy. Obey all rules of supply, train up a sweat and your body will find ideal forms. Good luck!

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