What can I eat after exercise to lose weight?

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People who try to lose weight, often the question arises: What can I eat after exercise to lose weight? And rightly so, that they are interested in it. Since approximately 80% of success in losing weight depends on power (workout only spur and accelerate weight loss).


Eating after exercise will affect your long- best result (ie, that eat after training, then get in the future). Choosing the right foods will give the maximum effect in terms of fat loss.


Key recommendations:

  • there can be 1 hour after workout
  • first meal after exercise: protein + vegetables
  • the first 2.5 hours after exercise – no fat
  • the first 2.5 hours after a workout – no carbs

What can I eat after exercise to lose weight?


Well, now let’s look in more detail.


During Train ovki your metabolism is accelerated. The first 40 minutes, the body spent carbohydrates, and after they are over, it is taken for burning fat. After a workout, your metabolism is accelerated and fat burning continues intensively (usually an intense fat burning takes about 1 – 2 hours and then gradually begins to slow down).


The most important thing is not to eat carbohydrates immediately after exercise and during the first 2 hours (preferably 2.5 – 3 hours to abstain from them) because the body uses these carbohydrates as a source of energy and fat burning stops (ie, it will no longer need to spend its fat stores for energy, because there are better sources of energy).


So whatever the body does not think that we are on a hunger strike (because we did not eat 4 – 4.5 hours) – we eat proteins and vegetables. Such a meal an hour after the workout: stop the destruction of muscle mass, your body will make it clear that all is well (ie, that the resources coming in, and he had no reason to save its fat stores on a hunger strike in case), and most importantly – do not block the fat burning.


The following is written by a specific answer to the question: What can be eaten after a workout to lose weight? The best foods that you can eat in 1 hour field training:

  • egg whites + vegetables
  • chicken + vegetables
  • no fatty fish + vegetables


Already 2 hours after a protein meal, you can diversify your diet carbohydrates food. But there is one thing you can eat carbs after 3 hours after training, only if you go to bed no earlier than 4 hours (that is, if you go to bed at 23:00, the last intake of carbohydrates should be 19:00). Otherwise, the risk to buy fat.


Ideally, there should be as follows:

  • training
  • 1 hour: protein + vegetables
  • 2 hours: carbohydrates + protein + vegetables
  • 2 hours: protein (low-fat cottage cheese) + vegetables
  • 2 hours: go to bed


If, however, after a workout, you go to bed after 3 – 4 hours, the carbohydrates you are contraindicated. Then this:

  • training
  • 1 hour: protein + vegetables
  • 2 hours: white ki (low-fat cottage cheese) + vegetables
  • after 1 – 2 hours (can be immediately after a meal): go to bed


Well, now you know what should be the proper nutrition after exercise for weight loss .

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