L – carnitine, is it? How to take L – carnitine for weight loss?

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Today, in the field of fitness, there are many different supplements. One of the most popular is the L – carnitine. By the way, this supplement is popular mainly among women. Therefore, I offer more detail to understand it. In this article you will learn the answers to questions such as: of L – carnitine, is it? How to take L – carnitine for weight loss? Why and who needs it? What are the types of carnitine?


L – carnitine (L-carnitine) – is one of the essential amino acids that is produced in the liver from lysine and methionine. This process helps amino fatty acids into energy. It can be obtained from the outside, by means of special additives or food products (meat and milk).


What is the L – carnitine?

The main objective of levocarnitine – the transfer of fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are used as a source of energy, which ultimately accelerates the process of fat burning and stamina.


Also, this amino acid removes harmful metabolic products from mitochondria. This detoxification function is very useful, because when decomposition products accumulate, then it slows down and disrupts the splitting of fatty acids. A l – carnitine in turn allows the mitochondria to continue to energy production as efficiently as possible.



Main functions:

  • accelerates fat burning
  • stamina and overall tone
  • increases resistance to stressful situations
  • detoxication
  • lowers bad cholesterol
  • positive effect on the cardio – vascular system
  • improves the quantity and quality of sperm
  • slows the aging process
  • apoptosis and prevents osteoporosis
  • stimulates tissue regeneration
  • boosts immunity
  • promotes mental abilities


As you can see, this supplement carries a lot of positive qualities. Therefore, it can even be used not only for weight loss, for improving the effect of the whole organism.


What are the kinds of L – carnitine?

There are 3 different types:

  • capsules
  • powder
  • liquid


Of all, the most expensive is – liquid carnitine, and the cheapest – in capsules. In principle, it is not surprising, since the liquid form has the advantage of speedy assimilation. After L-carnitine capsule is ingested, it is necessary to wait a while (about 30 minutes), which they melted and started to work. While as L – carnitine in liquid form almost instantly absorbed and starts to work. Powder form – it is something between a capsule and liquid form.


What to choose?

If you are very important assimilation speed, then take liquid or powder. The liquid is, in two forms: in bottles and ampoules. The ampoules bit more expensive than in bottles, for the reason that they are easier to use (no need to measure out portions … opened – drunk – threw an empty ampoule). And if you do not speed is important, then of course better to take capsules (it would be more profitable for the price).

The answers to the hottest questions:


№1. How to take for weight loss?

For weight loss, the most optimal doses are: 1000 – 2000 mg per day for women and 1500 – 3000mg per day for men. The higher your body mass, the more you need. According to my observations, it makes sense to take carnitine only in those days, when there is training. The rest days – there is no sense (waste of money). If the additive in capsules, then take it for 30 minutes before training. If in powder or liquid form, it can be directly drink immediately before training.



№2. How to take L – carnitine?

In order to prevent (health), the daily rate for women is: 500 mg per day, and for men: 750 – 1000mg. If the goal of losing weight, then 1000 – 2000 mg per day for women and 1500 – 3000mg per day for men.



No. 3. When taking L – carnitine?

In order to prevent (health), the best option would be to use the morning on an empty stomach (before the first meal). In order to lose weight, the best option is to use pre-workout time (10 – 30 minutes before the workout).



№4. Can I drink L – carnitine without training?

Generally you can, but to be honest, I do not see much sense. L – carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, that would be the acid can oxidize and burn. As is known, by aerobic burn fats with oxygen. Therefore, if you drink a serving of Carnitine and sit down at the computer to work, it will not have any effect, since there is no significant anaerobic loads. But if you still want to drink this additive in non training days, then try to use it before any prolonged load (for example, before going to work or to the store to shop).


№5. Can I drink L – carnitine before exercise?

It is not possible and necessary. This is the optimal time for use of the additive.



№6. Can I drink L – carnitine during exercise?

Can. This will speed up the process of losing weight.



№7. Can I drink L – carnitine after training?

It makes no sense to drink this additive, when the exercise ended.



№8. Can I drink L – carnitine in the morning?

If for health purposes, it is possible. If the purpose of weight loss, but this is not much use (the effect will be minimal).



That’s basically it. Answers to basic questions you got. If I missed something – ask in the comments. Oh yeah, here’s another lastly, the top of the best sources of carnitine in the diet: beef, lamb, dairy products, liver, beef, turkey, pork.

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