Protein – the benefits and harms. Side effects of protein!

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Protein – it’s probably the most popular and running sports supplements in bodybuilding. It is used for both sets of mass, and drying (weight loss). But a lot of people fearing for their health, vary with the decision “to buy or not to buy.” This happens for the reason that inexperienced people are spreading myths that protein is harmful, etc. etc. Therefore, the topic of today’s article: Protein – benefits and harms. Side effects of protein! Now we analyze whether protein is harmful to health … myth or reality?


Before we delve into the theory and the facts, you need to understand what is this supplement and how it works. Thus, protein – this is a common food additive, which is developed on the basis of protein mixtures. We can say that products such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs – are also protein, only the data of protein sources do not come in the form of a dietary supplement (by the way, who did not know, “protein” in the translation from English means “protein”) . It works the additive as well as the normal protein food (cheese, meat, fish). It can be used for a set of muscle mass, and drying (weight loss).



The first and most basic benefits of protein for athletes – a muscle growth. As is known, the protein – it is the main component of muscle growth. You will not consume enough protein food – forget about a good muscle growth. More often than not, young athletes do not grow in volume due to a lack of protein foods and protein will be here at the time. If you eat 3 meals a day, add 2 protein intake between meals, and soon see the positive effects in terms of new muscle growth. Also, the quality and quantity of protein foods depends on the state of your appearance (skin, hair, nails, etc.), synthesis of structural hormones, immunity and protective functions. Protein takes a significant part in the metabolism.



As such, there is no harm from proteins. Is there may be some non-standard situations. For instance, individual intolerance (may be problems with the stomach … but the same intolerance can be and what the source of protein foods … like milk and cheese) or an allergy on what that kind of protein (but the same allergy can be and what the source of protein food … for example, in chicken eggs).


So, very often you can hear that the protein harms the kidneys. This is true, but … this will harm only if you are experiencing problems with the kidneys, and you consume unrealistically high doses of protein mixtures (4 – 6 g per 1 kg of body weight). And if you follow the RDA (1.5 – 2 g per 1 kg of body weight) and you do not have any problems with the kidneys, you can not worry about it.


You probably already have heard a myth that protein negatively affect the potency. But if the protein is affected, then the normal protein foods (meat, fish, cheese, etc.) also need to influence? Is not it? In fact, protein is not in any way affect the potency (there is no direct relationship). But the real problems with potency may be due to the following reasons:

  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • rare sex
  • Low testosterone levels
  • bad food
  • stress
  • bad dream
  • overtraining



From all this it can be concluded that in principle no pronounced side effects of the protein (without considering individual intolerance) and is in no way detrimental effect on health. In addition, in order not to hurt and to be healthy, it is important to consume a sufficient amount of protein. Even if you do not do in the gym, and at the same time do not get protein, you can still use protein shakes (1 – 2 cocktails per day).


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  1. Well, I hope at least after this video people will understand that the protein is not chemistry. Anyone who says it’s chemistry and the like, a huge request … ubeytes the wall !!!

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