Sports nutrition for weight loss for men and women

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Almost all people want to look like roast and relief (without excess fat in the body). But few of them wish to pace yourself rigid diets and intense workouts. Everyone wants to get the most magic pill to make it a minimum of effort and maximum results. In this article, I want to talk about the so-called sports nutrition for weight loss (body-drying) for men and women . It is as if there is that magic pill (figuratively speaking), which helps burn fat faster.


To begin with, a brief look at what is sports nutrition. So, sports nutrition – it is certain dietary supplements that are specifically designed for people who are actively involved in sports. These supplements help athletes to quickly achieve your goals.


Why I said, “the very magic pill” and further added, “so to speak?” Because all additives – it is just a supplement to the main mode. Sports nutrition for fat loss, it is about 10 – 15% success rate (just 1/10). The main role falls on proper nutrition (diet) and exercise. Therefore, if you have too much body fat%, the first thing you need to correctly set up a diet and choose an effective workout. at these stages Sports nutrition you do not need, so you can close this article and search for articles about proper nutrition and exercise for weight loss (all of this information is available on this site).


If you have moderate% body fat, and you will become harder and harder to lose weight, in this case, 10% of the data are well able to influence your success in fat loss. But, again, it is not necessary to take these supplements as a magic pill (ate and lost weight). Treat data additives, as a kind of accelerator that will work only in cases of the most rigid adherence.


Sports nutrition for weight loss (body-drying) for men and women:


The first thing we look at – it’s fat burners. If you think logically, the fat burners, are the only drugs that are purposefully designed to burn body fat. All other additives in an indirect form of influence. But, in order to achieve maximum results, every detail is important.


Fat Burner – a unique view of sports nutrition, which affects the metabolic processes in the human body, thus facilitating the process of weight loss and body drying. Typically, isolated three species of these drugs:

  • thermogenics (or thermogenic)
  • Blockers of carbohydrates and fats
  • anorectics


In this article, we are interested in is a thermogenic, since they are the most popular and the most steep-burning facilities around the world.


As you know (or do not know) that occurred the burning of fat, you need to spend more calories than you consume from food. The traditional way of calorie expenditure considered – exercise. However, thermogenics can also help in this matter, passively increasing the calories.


They work like – something like this: body temperature rises -> increased heart rate -> increased metabolic rate -> the central nervous system comes to an excited state.


All this starts your body, and ultimately makes spending calories more than usual (in any condition) + Energy have become longer, which ultimately have a positive impact on training (more intensive training -> more calories -> longer burn fat). But if sit around on the couch and do nothing, then you do not lose weight as a passive waste of calories is not very significant. In this version, you will most plant heart, than get rid of fat.


Top sports fat loss diet for men:

№1 – Red Wasp on Cloma Pharma (drug combines substances such as: Alpha Yohimbine Yohimbine and NSІ, and the main active ingredient is represented by Hinegaminom).

№2 – Hydroxycut Hardcore ELITE by MuscleTech (the basis for this product includes components such as: Coleus Forskohlii, Yohimbe, L-theanine, theobromine and caffeine, which ultimately makes it a powerful stimulant).

№3 – Lipo-6 Black by Nutrex (popularity is not inferior drugs from Cloma Pharma)


Top sports fat loss diet for women:

№1 – Black Spider by Cloma Pharma (the basis of the preparation includes a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin, which in its essence is a powerful stimulant).

№2 – Hydroxycut Hardcore ELITE by MuscleTech (the basis for this product includes components such as: Coleus Forskohlii, Yohimbe, L-theanine, theobromine and caffeine, which ultimately makes it a powerful stimulant).

№3 – Lipo-6 Black Hers by Nutrex (if you are the first time to use such drugs, I recommend to start with this fat burner).




The second drug, which is not less popular to the theme “Sport for burning fat for men and women”, is L – Carnitine (L-carnitine or a).


Levocarnitine – is one of the essential amino acids, which helps to recycle the energy in the fatty acids (long chain fatty acids moves in across the inner membrane of mitochondria for further recycling). But he L – Carnitine not burn fat (so you understand correctly).


By itself, this supplement is very weak, so its effect will be hardly noticeable. To get the maximum effect, you need to add here:

  • first – diet
  • the second – training
  • the third – thermogenics (optional)


Only under these factors, the additive will prove the most effective. And in general, I would recommend using carnitine only in the last weeks of drying or weight loss when carbohydrates in the diet is very little fat and practically does not burn. That is the time you really feel his work (at least in the form of increased endurance).


Optimally effective dose for weight loss for women: 1000 – 2000 mg per day for men: 2000 – 3000mg per day. Eat only recommended training days, and only immediately before the workout (20 – 30 minutes before the workout).




Omega – 3 fatty acids, it is the third step in our rating of sports nutrition for weight loss (body-drying) for men and women . This supplement is very underestimated athletes (most likely due to the fact that it is almost impossible to experience in action), although it has a tremendously steep abilities.


Omega – 3 fatty acids play an important role in human life. These include: alpha – linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosapentaenoic acid (DHA). These fats perform a lot of functions in the human body. Without these additives do not actually achieve some good results in losing weight or building muscle mass.


But we will not delve deeply into the theory and completely dismantle all the useful properties of the additive. You only need to know that these fatty acids are involved in the process of lipolysis, thereby helping to burn body fat (so to say, the fat that burns fat). Daily rate = 2 – 4 yrs


For maximum efficiency, your diet must be present: ALA (Sources: flaxseed oil, canola oil, nuts, seeds), the EPA and DHA (source: sea fatty fish – herring, salmon, mackerel, etc.). Besides food, omega-3 can be prepared from additives. There are 2 types of additives:

  • one which comprises ALA
  • the one which includes EPA and DHA


ALA does not see any reason to take the form of additional additives, as you can buy flaxseed oil, which is much cheaper, and the effect will be the same. But EPA and DHA can be taken as supplements (especially at drying, as oily fish high in calories).



The fourth supplement is vitamins, macro-and micronutrients . Naturally, this additive is absolutely does not affect the direct fat burning, but it is one of the most important supplements as a full range of vitamins, macro and micronutrients allow your body to function properly (the body gets all the necessary, which ultimately has a positive effect on weight loss). In addition, vitamin deficiency inhibits all metabolic reactions in general.


It is especially important to take this supplement during drying and weight loss, as it was in this period, you have a tough diet (you’re constantly trim your diet, it becomes monotonous, with a minimum amount of vitamins, macro and micronutrients), and the zhosche drying, the zhosche diet. And as I said above, all the metabolic reactions, muscle growth and fat breakdown take place with the participation of vitamins and minerals. For this reason – highly recommend!




Protein – is the fifth stage of our rating of sports nutrition for weight loss (body-drying) for men and women. Just want to tell you that the protein affects the fat burning and muscle dry set no more than chicken or fish. But in some cases it may be useful.


Protein – a high-quality food additive that is made on the basis of protein mixtures (typically in a portion of from 75% to 96% protein). By their nature allocate 7 basic types, each of which is unique in its own way:

  • Whey protein (the most popular form of the protein, which is divided into three subspecies: concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate)
  • casein protein (night view, because it is very slow to digest, thus maintaining a stable level of amino acid during the sleep)
  • milk protein
  • Soy Protein (budget views)
  • egg protein (a reference amino acid profile)
  • Wheat Protein (budget views)
  • beef protein (has a high level of essential amino acids)


Although the additive is directly not involved in losing weight, but it will help to diversify your menu is excellent and save time cooking. The protein is a common food (no more – no less)! If your diet is properly balanced in BZHU, it is possible to do without the protein. But, ladies still some recommendations when it will be appropriate:


№1. When you do not have time to prepare themselves.

For example, woke up later than usual in the morning and see that are late for work. If it does, it is likely to be limited to only your breakfast coffee and some buns (it is a very negative effect on fat burning). However, the protein will save you in this situation, as to prepare a portion of protein shake and drink it, you will need just 1 – 2 minutes. Also, you can use casein protein before going to bed to protect your muscles (so they do not starve) for a long time.


№2. Diversity.

If you constantly sit on the chicken breasts and curd, then soon you get tired of your diet, and you will be broken, which eventually will lead to a set of excess fat. But, you can buy a tasty protein and replace several meals of the additive. For example, if you eat five times a day, it is possible to do this:

  • 1 reception – ordinary food
  • 2 reception – Whey Protein
  • 3 Reception – ordinary food
  • 4 Reception – ordinary food
  • 5 reception – casein protein


Still, as an option, can be added to the protein in ordinary food, to make it tastier. For example, every morning you eat oatmeal on the water + chicken eggs, and low-fat cottage cheese before bed. And over time, you have not tired of this tasty oatmeal and the dry non-fat cottage cheese. What can be done? And you can do the following:

Buy whey protein (for example, with chocolate flavor). Makes 1 serving of protein shake on the water and share this portion in half. The first half of pour in oatmeal, and the second in the low-fat cottage cheese. All these techniques and enjoy the mix oatmeal and cottage cheese with chocolate flavor. And such examples you can think of hundreds of (turn on your imagination).




And finally, about what we speak today – it BCAAs. BCAA – so called essential amino acids, which include: leucine, valine and isoleucine. Essential, because they alone are not produced in the body, and to get them we can only from food (or from supplements). Our muscles are composed of more than 30% of these amino acids.


If you have just started to lose weight, I would not recommend you to use BCAAs, as currently there is no need. It is advisable to use this additive in the last stages of losing weight and dry when your diet is very low in carbohydrates and a lot of training. Here in this case, these additives can help in terms of preservation of muscle mass. But if you do not have a goal – to keep the muscles (you do not dry off, but simply want to lose weight), then the additive at all you do not need.


The most suitable time to take BCAA is the morning (soon after awakening), during exercise and after exercise. In all other cases – a waste of money (my opinion). No, well, if you have the car money, then it can receive data whenever amino acids.


PS At this point, there was a set of opinions that the additive does not work as anti-catabolic. I think there need to individually test all. Try to remove the BCAA during drying, and see whether there will be – that negative changes in terms of muscle mass loss. Also, some people can not see any changes for the reason that they take too small portions. In general, test (all individuals).




Thus, the most necessary additives apart, let’s make the final conclusions:

№1. Sports nutrition for weight loss for men and women – is not a magic pill (like, ate and lost weight). This is just an addition to your main mode. This addition is able to speed up your progress in the 10 – 15%


№2. If you’re new, and you have too much body fat%, the first thing you need to properly configure the power supply (correct ratio BZHU) and find the right training. And from all of these supplements you can buy:

  • Omega – 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins, macro and micro elements


No. 3. If your goal – drying body, that for maximum effect can use all of the above additives. At the beginning of the drying buy omega 3 and vitamins. A little later, you can start taking fat burners (when to burn fat is becoming more and more difficult). L – Carnitine and BCAAs include the final stages of drying when very few carbohydrates, and exercise a lot. Also, an important point – if you almost do not lose muscle mass, the BCAA can generally not be included. Protein can be incorporated at any stage of drying, since this is a common food (but can not use it at all).


№4. If your goal – losing weight, then all of these additives can be used all but the BCAA.


№5. If you have not set up a diet and do not find the right training, you can forget about all of these supplements, as any of them (in this scenario) would not really work in terms of fat loss. If you distribute all the items on the importance of weight loss, it is possible to do so (the first factor – the most important):

  • Diet
  • Training
  • recovery
  • Omega 3 and Vitamin complex
  • thermogenics
  • L – Carnitine
  • The protein and BCAAs



Approximate fat burning meal plan (menu) for drying the body and weight loss , which includes all of the above additives.


7:30    glass of water portion of BCAA +

8:00    Oatmeal + fruit

— Vitamins – 1pc / omega 3 – 1pc / Red Wasp on Cloma Pharma (for men) or Lipo-6 Black Hers by Nutrex (for women)

11:00    whey protein + nuts

14:00   buckwheat + chicken + vegetables

16:30    of L – Carnitine (for women: 1000 – 2000mg / man: 2000 – 3000mg)

17:00 – 18:00    Training (portion of BCAA during exercise)

— Portion of BCAAs immediately after training

18:30    fish + vegetables

— Vitamins – 1pc / omega 3 – 1pc

21:30    casein protein


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