The training program for the ectomorph to recruit muscle mass

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Each chelove to the individual. One can very quickly and easily gain muscle mass (genetically gifted), and another set of weight – a big problem. And most often, problems arise at ectomorphs. Training is what starts the process of growth, so now I tell you what should be a training program for the ectomorph to recruit muscle mass

Who are ectomorphs?

Ectomorphs – it is physically weak people, cat orye have thin bones and a small amount of muscle mass. These people are usually very fast metabolism, and because of this they have a small amount of subcutaneous fat. On the other hand, because the same accelerated metabolism are very slow and very difficult to gain lean muscle mass.


What should be the training program for ectomorphs for a set of muscle mass , that would not get overtraining?


Unfortunately, this type of body is very weak resilience, and therefore, if one is not to choose the right exercise program, you can not avoid overtraining. As you have probably guessed, the classical training of 4 times a week, you do not fit. The body simply can not digest such a load. The ideal option would be – 3 workouts per week. Themselves workout should be short (ideal – 40 minutes). Rest between sets is usually 60 – 90 seconds. Number of repetitions: 6 – 10.


Based on the fact that the training is very short, you absolutely can not make mistakes in the choice of exercises. It is necessary to choose only the basic and most effective exercises (no need to clutter up your program every “masturbation” type: concentrated lifting dumbbells for biceps).



The most effective exercises for the ectomorph:

  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Bench press barbell
  • Pull-ups on the bar wide grip
  • Link rod in the slope
  • Bench barbell standing
  • Bench press narrow grip
  • Dips
  • Lifting barbell biceps standing


These exercises should dominate in your circuit training. Also, try to minimize all the aerobic exercise (running, bike, swimming, jump rope, etc.), as it will slow down a set of muscle mass (because more energy waste will occur).


What is the training program for the ectomorph muscle recruitment in practice:


Monday (Back + Biceps):

  • Pull-ups on the bar wide grip 2 * 12 – 15/3 * 10
  • Link rod in the slope 1 * 12/3 * 8/1 * 6
  • Deadlift 1 * 12/3 * 8
  • Lifting barbell biceps standing 2 * 12 – 15/3 * 8/1 * 6


Environment (Legs & Press)

  • Squats with shta Ngoy 1 * 20/2 * 12 – 15/3 * 8/1 * 6
  • Dead straight legs bent at 1 * 20/2 * 12 – 15/3 * 8/1 * 6
  • Rise on your toes while standing 3 * 25
  • Raising the legs in the vise on the bar 3 * 25


Friday (Chest + triceps + Delta):

  • Bench barbell lying 2 * 12 – 15/3 * 8/1 * 6
  • Dips 1 * 15/3 * 10/1 * 7
  • Bench barbell standing 2 * 12 – 15/3 * 8
  • Thrust rods wide grip chin 1 * 12/3 * 8



Just do not forget that the most important arm muscle growth, it is – the progression of loads. There is a progression – there are mass growth! So, try to at least 1 time in 2 weeks to add weight to the bar (even if you add 2 weeks to post a pancake weighing 1kg, it will still be better than nothing).


In the future, sooner or later, there will come a time that you will be very, very difficult to add even 1 kg of weight on the barbell (meaning natural training, without chemicals). And that’s when you should switch to other methods of stress progression, namely the reduction of rest between sets, increasing the number of repetitions, increase the number of approaches, etc.


And do not forget that this training program for ectomorph muscle recruitment is only exemplary training scheme. If you want, you can create an individual program for themselves. Well, or you can use the scheme, which I gave above (this is a working circuit workouts that tested in practice).


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