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Most women come into the gym, which would pohu do. But there are those who deliberately want to gain muscle mass. Typically, this is – thin girls. So today let’s talk about what should be the proper training for muscle mass set for girls (especially for thin persons).


In namnog girls of less testosterone, norepinephrine and muscle fibers (myofibrils), on this, the women’s program of training will differ from men’s. Since, then, it is effective for men – is ineffective for women.


So, it is important to understand that some training can not do here. Most of the success belongs to: nutrition and recovery. If you eat a little, and a little rest, you can forget about the beautiful shapes. Training, nutrition and recovery – it’s like a three-legged stool on (delete at least one leg and the stool will fall).


These frictional Rovkov dial muscle mass for women include alternation training days. That is, in the program of training the body is divided into two parts (top and bottom). This means that one day you train only the top, and the other – only the bottom. Rotation will be as follows:


1 Week:

Ponedel nik – top

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – bottom

Thursday – Rest

Friday – top

Saturday and Sunday – Rest


Week 2:

Mo lnik – bottom

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – top

Thursday – Rest

Friday – bottom

Saturday and Sunday – Rest


And so on. That is, we are so reniruemsya 3 times a week and alternate parts of the body no matter what day it is. I recommend to start training under this scheme are those girls who are already having been occupied in the gym at least 6 – 12 months.



Fundamental rules:

  • Basic Exercise azhneniya (most of the program consists of the basic exercises, since this is the most effective exercises in terms of a set of muscle mass)
  • progression (that would be progress in massonabore need constantly to complicate their training, and the easiest way – is to increase the weight on the bar)
  • the number of repetitions (since little testosterone in women, norepinephrine and muscle fibers, training for 3 – 6 – 8 repetitions is ineffective, so the number of repetitions will be 12 – 15)
  • the duration of training: 50 – 60 minutes
  • Rest between sets: 60 seconds (90 seconds in the most difficult exercises)


Training for muscle mass set for girls:

The program …



Day №1 (upper body)


Warm-up and – 7 minutes

Trainers 4 * 15

Link vertical block chest 1 * 16/4 * 12

Link rod in the slope 1 * 16/4 * 12

Dips floor middle grip 1 * 16/5 * 12

Bench press middle grip 1 * 16/5 * 12

Link rod chin wide grip 1 * 16/5 * 12


Day №2 (lower body)


Stretching ka – 7 minutes

Squats 1 * 20/3 * 15

Squatting “plie” 3 * 15

Lunges with dumbbells 4 * 15

Dead traction on straight legs 1 * 20/4 * 15

leg curls while lying 5 * 15

The rise of the socks standing 4 * 25

feet rise in the vise on the bar 4 * 15

Twisting lying 3 * max


Under this program, you can train 10 – 12 weeks, then it is necessary to change the scheme of training (or training for a new program, or just replace some exercises). This approach to training is needed to ensure that the muscles do not have to get used to the same load.

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