Leg exercises with dumbbells

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The largest muscle group in our body, it is of course – the legs. Large and raised legs look very nice. Now you will learn a variety of leg exercises with dumbbells that will help maximize muscle carefully consider the data.

If you watch a textbook on anatomy, we can see that the legs are divided into many different muscles (large, medium, small). But we are not going to consider all possible muscles that are found on the legs. We will analyze only the 4 largest, which can be seen with the naked eye:

  • quadriceps
  • hamstrings
  • Buttocks
  • The Shins


Whatever your legs looked harmoniously, it is necessary to pump evenly all these parts. But one exercise fully can not pump all 4 muscles at once (yes, of course, in one exercise can involve all parts, but 1 – 2 will receive the maximum load and the other will act as stabilizers, minimum load, which is not enough for the development).


Just below you will see a set of exercises for the legs , and it can reach the desired training program, with a uniform load on the muscles.


Leg exercises with dumbbells:


Squats with dumbbells

This exercise is considered a basic and one of the best exercises to develop leg muscles. Squats with dumbbells deliberately bombed the quadriceps and buttocks. Miscellaneous machines sit-ups is able to shift more load or on quads or on the buttocks. Narrow staging feet (on the shoulder, or a little longer) and squat to parallel (or slightly above), allow the maximum load the quads. Wide stance (wider than shoulders) and squat below parallel, allow the maximum load gluteal muscles.




Dead traction with dumbbells

Exercise №1 in the development of the hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Just a basic exercise. If you fall behind hamstrings, do first draft, and then squats. And if you fall behind quads, then the first exercise should be – squats with dumbbells.




Lunges with dumbbells

This exercise develops the gluteus muscles purposefully. Still very good exercise, but I would not recommend starting a training program it with attacks. Make first squat and deadlift, and then finish off their attacks buttocks. There are many different options for how to do lunges (walking, cross, from the bench, etc.).




Vyshagivaniya the platform with dumbbells

Dobivochnym is exercise that uses the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. This exercise you do not pump up yourself big feet. It effectively works as dobivku at the end of training (in a single form – poor).




The rise on the toes with a dumbbell (standing or sitting)

Basic exercise for the development of the lower leg. The rise of the socks standing purposefully developed calf muscles. The rise on the toes sitting aimed at developing the soleus muscle, which is under the gastrocnemius. A well-developed soleus muscle, as it pushes the calf, making it more massive and imposing. For the development of large calf muscles, I recommend using the rise on your toes with a dumbbell like standing and sitting.

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