Exercises for the back muscles with dumbbells

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The back floor of one of the largest muscles of our body. It consists of the widest (the so-called – wings), trapezoidal and long (start at the waist and stretch along the spine) muscles. Exercises for back muscles with dumbbells allow you to work through it is much deeper than, for example, over the bar or in the gym


Big and wide back gives men a more significant status. I think every man would like to have back a big and massive size. Just shake broadest visually reduce the waist and how to create a V – shaped body shape.


Trapezoidal s muscles will give a powerful view of the upper part of the back. As far as the long muscles, so they should be sure to swing. Since these muscles create a powerful corset for the spine (the more powerful corset, the less the risk of injury).


Exercises for back muscles with dumbbells:


Thrust dumbbells in the slope

Best exercising of the back in terms of thickness. Dumbbell thrust can be performed in two variants. Link dumbbell in parallel grip tilted (as shown in the picture) and a direct thrust dumbbell grip. In the first, that in the second embodiment, the load is accented on the middle part of the back (making it thicker and heavier). Latissimus just work, but to a lesser extent.




Thrust dumbbell with one hand in the slope

Purposefully PoWPA It is activated latissimus dorsi. Very well that doing exercise in turn with each hand, you will be able to concentrate on the elaboration of one part of the back.




Deadlift with dumbbells

Deadlift d flushes total weight and strength of the entire back (one of the main basic exercises). She also specifically developed long back muscles.




Shrugs with dumbbells

The main base at EXERCISE for the trapezius muscles of the back. It can be performed either with a barbell or dumbbells. It makes trapeze massive and powerful.




Here are the most effective exercises for back muscles with dumbbells . In principle, each exercise that is performed with a barbell and some of the exercises that are performed in the simulator, can be safely replaced with a dumbbell. Try, experiment!

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