Exercises for the chest muscles with dumbbells

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Not only women are dreaming of beautiful pectoral muscles. Every man who comes to the gym, wants to pump yourself a big and powerful chest. This article will describe the different exercises for the chest muscles with dumbbells . The main functions that perform breast is – flexion and adduction of the shoulder.


Speaking simply, the chest is divided into two parts, on the major and minor pectoral. If the parse all of the little things, then it can be divided not into two but into four parts:

  • on the top
  • on average
  • on the bottom
  • on the inside


For maximum impact in the training of the pectoral muscles, you should alternate between dumbbells and barbells. Just do not forget a good warm-up immediately before the workout.


Exercises for the chest muscles with dumbbells:


Press of dumbbells lying

Perhaps this is one of the most important exercises for the chest. Uses the pectoralis major muscle (mainly the load goes to middle portions). Unlike bars, dumbbells can be better and more precise control over your chest.




Press of dumbbells on a bench with a slope upwards

Very good exercise that purposefully loads upper thoracic portion. If you have lagged behind the chest top, then press the dumbbells on the bench with a slope of up should be an exercise №1 in your training scheme.




Press of dumbbells on a bench with a downward slope

This exercise is specifically loads the lower part of the pectoral muscle. I recommend starting to perform this exercise when your breast will gain a decent size.




Breeding dumbbells lying

Isolated exercise that allows a good stretch the pectoral muscles. Remember, this exercise should be done after the presses (although there are exceptions), and their main goal – stretching. So, no need to chase the huge weights, take a small weight and the most skillfully perform this exercise.




Stud dumbbell on bench obliquely upwards

This exercise for the chest muscles with dumbbells perfectly stretches the upper part. His carry much heavier than wiring with dumbbells lying, so try to trim the appropriate weight that would not violate the correct technique.




Stud dumbbell on bench obliquely downward

Deliberately stretches the lower parts of the breast. During hand information, I recommend further expand the hands of the outside (like would defeat little fingers together and thumbs up in divorce in hand).




Pullover with a dumbbell straight hands

Pullover perfectly stretches the chest muscles (as to some extent it involves and latissimus dorsi). It is recommended to exercise at the end (last exercise).

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