Exercises on the biceps with dumbbells

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When a guy comes to the gym, the first thing he takes up pumping biceps. Of course, every man wants to make its thin ruchonok big bazooka. That is why, one of the most popular muscle to pump it – biceps. Exercises biceps with dumbbells allow you to achieve the desired result.

Scientifically called biceps – biceps muscle. Why biceps? Yes, because it consists of two heads such as: external and internal. Each exercise in a special way affects the biceps, thus different loads one or another part of the bicep.


Its main task is, what would bend the arm at the elbow. Before training biceps, be sure to make a quality workout. Since no warm-up is very easy to injure the muscle (especially a little like biceps).


Exercises on the biceps with dumbbells:


Lifting dumbbells for biceps standing

Main basic exercise for elaboration of both heads of the biceps. Unlike bars, dumbbells allow more stretch this muscle. I recommend to perform lifting dumbbells for biceps standing at the beginning of training (first exercise).




Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting

Just as lifting dumbbells, and the biceps standing, the main base exercise. Its main difference is that your body is fixed to the bench, and you can not use cheating, respectively, the work is done more skillfully.




Alternately lifting dumbbells for biceps “The Hammer”

Also from the arsenal of the basic exercises. Hammer is good because it involves work those muscles that are utilized almost no (or very weak load) in the other exercises. And it is the outer part of the biceps and brachialis. Recommend include the exercise in the program permanently training (put his second exercise).




Lifting dumbbells for biceps to bench Scott

Exercises for the biceps with dumbbells on a bench Scott’s direction to the inner part. It helps to make the peak of the biceps and work through the lower part of it. Recommend to include it somewhere in the end of the program, that would be the final blow to his hands.




Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting in the slope

You can do both at the same time with both hands and turn. This exercise is more load on the lower part of the bicep. – 12 repetitions, then change hands (left doing 10 – 12 reps, right – stretch) in the left arm, holding a dumbbell (stretch biceps), the right hand are doing 10: As an option, the exercise in this style you can try. As for me, this method makes it easier to concentrate on the work of the muscles, thereby better to work through it.




Lifting dumbbells while standing on the inner biceps

In this exercise, the emphasis is on the inside of the biceps.




Concentrated lifting on biceps

Good exercise that works out your biceps quality. The main purpose of this exercise – a beautiful peak form. I recommend running concentrated on the rise at the end of the biceps workout for a complete break your hands.



These exercises for biceps with dumbbells to be performed with the maximum ideal technique. Only in this case your hands get the desired load. In the last four exercise should be done 10 – 12 repetitions, as all movement isolated and can be easily injured. In the first three, you can make 6 – 8 reps (as it is polyarticular exercises).

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