Triceps exercises with dumbbells

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Whatever hands were really big and beautiful, you need to pay due attention to training the triceps. Not experienced people mistakenly believe that the biceps – is the foundation of the hands, but no. Biceps is only 1/3 of the hands, the main volume of the arrival on the triceps (2/3 portion). For maximum efficiency of the pumping of the arms, it is necessary to choose the right exercises for the triceps , with dumbbell or barbell.


In this article, we will examine it exercises with dumbbells and barbell exercises with leave for another article. Triceps – triceps it (even its name is clear, “Tritz – three”), which is conventionally divided into three parts:

  • long
  • middle (medial)
  • side (lateral)


To get the most harmonious development of muscle group to work with different exercises that stress different parts.


Triceps exercises with dumbbells:


Extension arms with a dumbbell from a head

Exercise, which is able to load all three heads of the triceps (the emphasis load goes to the upper and middle sections). For convenience, you can free hand to hold the elbow of the working hand (which would minimize the movement of the hand). I recommend using extension arms as an exercise to achieve at the end of the workout.




Extension arms with dumbbell (or dumbbells) in the slope (sitting can be done)

Just like the previous exercise uses all three heads of the triceps, but here the emphasis goes to the lower portions. You can make a one-hand turn, and immediately both. I recommend to perform each hand alternately, as in this case, you will be able to concentrate on this exercise, which will allow him to perform with perfect technique.




French bench sitting (lying down or standing) dumbbell (or dumbbells)

Great exercise for triceps with a dumbbell , in which the emphasis lie on the long beam. You can perform while sitting, lying down and standing up. The French press is similar to the extension of the hand with a dumbbell of the head, but the difference is it that at the French bench elbows should be brought together as much as possible, and in extension dumbbell – slightly diluted (because this is a different load).

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