Exercises for arms with dumbbells

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Of course, every man wants to have himself big and broad shoulders. After all, it looks nice and courageously. Massive shoulders very well underscore the upper body, and visually reduce the waist. Shoulder exercises with dumbbells are different. Which are the exercises, see below.


Why would we do different exercises for the deltoids? Everything is very simple. The shoulder consists of three parts:

  • lobby
  • medium
  • rear


So, to get a harmoniously developed shoulder should be uniformly bled all three parts. But we can not pump all these parts with one exercise, that’s precisely why there are many different exercises.


I want to warn you that the delta is very delicate muscles, which can be very easy to injure. That is why, before you start the training, be sure to make a quality workout with a focus on the deltoid muscle.


Exercises for arms with dumbbells:


Press of dumbbells sitting (or standing)

This exercise belongs to the category of basic exercises. It is an exercise in building №1 powerful and broad shoulders. Harvesting can be a dumbbell on the chest (mostly working the front delta), and with a focus for head (loads more spent on average delta).




Thrust dumbbells to your chin narrower (or wider) grip

As a basic exercise. Cravings can be done as a narrow grip and wide. In case of a narrow grip (on the shoulders or longer), most runs: Front delta and trapeze. If you put the weights on the order of wider shoulders, the entire load of the average take of delta.




bench Arnold

Bench Arnold is able to work both front and middle of the delta. By rotating brushes, deltas are at a profound impact.




Mahi dumbbells in hand

Isolation exercises that specifically aims at the development of the average beam deltoid muscles. Mahi can be done: standing, sitting, lying down with one hand (choose the most convenient way for you to). It is best used after the base that would finish high delta.




Mahi dumbbells in the slope

Just – isolation exercise, only this time for the targeted development of the rear deltoids. You can perform standing, sitting, lying down, one hand. I recommend to use at the end of training, after basic exercises on the rear delta that would finish.




Mahi dumbbells in front of you

This exercise is directed at the development of the front shoulder sections. Like all isolated exercises recommended for dobivku.



Choose those exercises for the shoulders, that you liked the most, and add to their training program. Just dumbbells are good because they allow a deeper and better work out the muscle, since the amplitude of movements more (eg bench press, you can lower the bar to as low as allowed by the neck).

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