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If we compare all the muscles of our body size, it can be seen with the naked eye that the legs are the largest muscle group. It is very important to train the legs, as they perform a variety of functions in our life. In this article, I selected exercises on the pole legsĀ that allow you to work out their maximum quality.

As a rule, training the legs is popular only among the speakers athletes (meaning – bodybuilders). Among the fans are very few people who love to train legs. They are afraid of them or simply siphon consider it a waste of time (still the legs are not visible under trousers).


From the textbook of anatomy, we can see that the legs are divided into four major parts:

  • quadriceps (front)
  • hamstrings (back)
  • buttocks
  • shin


For the pumping of each part should be its specific exercise, which would direct the load to the desired part. There are exercises that are working well just 2 parts, but more on this, see below.


Exercises on foot over the bar:


Squats on shoulders

Squats are one of the best exercises for the development of large quadriceps and buttocks. Moreover, you can shift the load or to the side of the big quads, or to the side of the gluteal muscles. Everything depends on the setting feet. Wide stance and a deep squat increase the load on the buttocks (in this case, the quads get less load). Narrow posing legs and squat to parallel (or slightly above) the maximum allowed load on the quadriceps (the buttocks get less load).




Squats on chest

An analogue of the usual sit-ups. Its only advantage is that the narrow formulation of the legs, the burden is shifting to the inner head of the quadriceps. In principle, you can alternate between the two types of sit-ups.




Dead traction on straight legs

The most effective exercise for the development of large and relief hamstrings. Also, it is great loads glutes. We can say that squats on the shoulders of the dead + traction on straight legs, it is a great combination for the full development: the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.




Lunges with a barbell

This exercise is specifically trained buttock muscles. Lunges with a barbell perfectly suited to those who want to develop large and firm buttocks. I recommend them to do after basic exercises (squat and thrust).




Bulgarian lunges with a barbell

It is very difficult exercise that can create hellish conditions of your buttocks. I do not recommend to perform it in the beginning of your workout, do better in the end (as dobivochnoe) with a light weight (or no weight), which would eventually kill your glutes.




Rise on your toes with a barbell standing (or sitting)

The most effective exercises for the development of shins. When you do this exercise standing, the more loaded the outer part. If we do sitting down, the greater the load on the inside of the leaves (soleus muscle). Soleus muscle as it pushes the outer portion and the lower leg looks a lot more.



Perhaps this is the most basic exercises for the pole legs . A person who is trained for in room 1 – 2 years to complete the pumping of all parts of the legs will be sufficient in all three exercises: Squats on the shoulders (the quadriceps and buttocks); Dead traction on straight legs (hamstrings and buttocks); Rise on your toes with a barbell standing (shin).


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