Exercises for the back with a barbell

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Every self-respecting man wants to have a big back. Most spin manifestation of beauty and courage. Girls really like men with huge backs, usually about such talk: “Behind his broad back, like a stone wall.” These back exercises with a barbell will allow you to do the very same stone wall.


The muscles of the back are divided into three sections, is: lat (give back V – shaped silhouette), trapezius (upper back do, close to the neck, a massive and impressive) and long (give a solid corset for the spine). All these areas come together and there is one big spin.


In this article you will learn how you can use the rod pump, separately, each of the sites. Do everything correctly, observing the perfect technique and make your back broad and massive shortly. Just do not forget that before every workout must-do workout.


Exercises for the back to the pole:


Link rod in the slope

It is considered the most important basic exercises. Link is able to make your back is thicker and heavier. Also, it uses rhomboid muscles and the bottom of the trapezoid. This exercise must be present in your circuit training, if you want to have the stone back. I recommend to perform it at the beginning of training (first or second) until you have a lot of strength and energy.




Link rod in the slope reverse grip

Similarly to the first exercise, but unlike the thrust reverse grip is that it is able to load and work a good portion of the lower lat. I recommend alternate thrust forward and reverse grip (2 perform these exercises at the same time on the same training – not advisable).






As a basic exercise. If you want to have a strong and powerful back, then you are sure to include deadlifts in my training program. Recommendation: If your goal is strength and power – becomes a place in the beginning of the training, if the goal is wide and thick back – put it at the end of the workout.




Lean forward with a barbell

Different equipment is able to load different muscles (long or longer, any more than the buttocks). Since the topic: exercises with a barbell on your back , it means that we will not disassemble this exercise as an exercise to the back. It is working very well the long muscles of the back and makes a solid corset for the spine. I recommend to perform at the end of the workout.




Shrugs barbell

The fundamental basic exercise for the trapezius muscles of the back. It promotes muscle gain and strength. To a large extent affects the upper part of the trapezoid.




Shrug with a barbell behind his back

Auxiliary exercise that involves most of the trapezoid, making it thicker and stronger. This exercise – not mandatory. If you do not grow a trapezoid, it should be possible to add shrugs behind, but if a trapeze all right, you can postpone shrugs behind later.


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