Exercise for pectoral muscles with barbell

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For most visitors to gyms, the breast is one of the most popular muscle groups to pump. In principle, there is nothing strange, because a well-developed chest attracts the attention of others, and most importantly – a man looks much more courageous. These exercises for pectoral muscles barbell will allow you to build a large and massive chest.


The breast is made up of large and small muscles. Most of the chest we can see (the bulk of the breast), but the small you can not see (it has a triangular shape and is hidden under the pectoralis major, in its upper part).


But if you do not take into account the base (large and small), and take a conditional division, the four areas are:

  • upper
  • average
  • lower
  • interior


During any regime, all four parts are included in the job. But it is possible to do so, that would be a certain area gets the most load (60 – 85%) and the rest to a minimum (15 – 40%). This can be achieved by tilting the control on the bench.


So, if you see that you have a certain part is behind the pectoral muscles, then do the first exercise with emphasis on lagging part. Below you will find out what exercises are utilized in the most, certain areas of the breast.


Exercise for pectoral muscles with a barbell:


Bench press barbell on the horizontal bar

This exercise is considered to be the best and most effective exercises, which is able to develop a large and powerful chest muscles. The main focus lies on the middle portions of the pectoral muscles (think about 60 – 70% load). If you had to choose one exercise, which would lead more or less the entire breast, I would choose: bench press bar lying on the horizontal bar.




Bench barbell on the bench with a slope up

A great exercise for the development of the upper chest. As a rule, the majority of fans of iron, is behind the upper part. Namely, the upper part of making your breasts bigger and more beautiful. Usually in gyms are doing the bench press on a bench with a slope of 45 degrees. But this slope is very good uses in the work of the delta front, and eventually to breast out of the load, which is not good. I recommend doing the bench press on a bench with a slope of 25 – 30 degrees. It is in this slope, your muscles get the maximum load. If you had to choose one exercise, to build a beautiful and voluminous thoracic, I would choose: barbell bench press on a bench with a slope upwards.




Bench barbell on the bench with a slope down

This exercise develops targeted the lower part of the pectoral muscle. As a general rule, it includes in its training program for more advanced athletes who have already built up sufficient weight infants, and want to emphasize (highlight) the lower portions. Therefore, newcomers – are contraindicated; athletes with experience and a good weight breast – you can try; experienced – is recommended (which would breasts were harmoniously developed).



You probably noticed that I gave three exercises pectoral muscle with a barbell , but gave no specialized exercises for pumping medium sites. In fact, the middle of the chest pumped well in all three exercises, why not ship itself, and makes the data presses, and the middle part will grow better than others.


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