Biceps exercises with barbell

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I think no one would argue with me when I say that the biceps is in the top – 3 most favorite muscles of the body, and is the embodiment of muscular athlete. Many athletes (especially beginners) give this muscle is a huge amount of time. Therefore, I decided to tell you about some exercises with a barbell biceps that will help you in building large biceps and aesthetic.


Biceps is the biceps muscle, which consists of two parts (long and short). Long part is on the outside (so it is also called: the outer part), and the short – inside (so it is also called: the inner part). The main objective of this muscle – bending arm at the elbow.


The most important thing in training biceps, is the ability to sense and correct technique. Do not pursue weight. Accumulated first perfect technique and learn to feel his biceps, and then slowly put in weight. Just do not forget to do a good workout. The biceps muscle is very small and can be easily hurt.


Biceps exercises with a barbell:


Lifting barbell biceps standing straight bar

The best basic exercise to build big biceps. He is working on the whole entire biceps. The most common mistake when performing it – removing the elbows forward. Note: no elbows must be movable, both in the top point and the bottom! I recommend doing this exercise at the beginning of training, there is a lot of energy (that you could give everything to the maximum).




Lifting barbell biceps standing with a curved stamp

In principle, the rise of the bar on the biceps standing with a curved stamp analogue lifting a straight bar. It also involves the most work of all biceps. The main difference is that because of the curvature of the rod, it does not throw up the forearm, and can concentrate on the maximum target muscle. I recommend alternate curved neck Direct.




biceps curl with a barbell on the bench Scott

biceps curl with a barbell on the bench Scott perfectly stretches the biceps muscle (which has a positive effect on its growth) and slightly shifts the burden to the lower part of the biceps. Try to perform it as skillfully, do not chase weights (heavy weight is not necessary here, because you can very easily be injured, the most important thing is – to feel). I recommend doing this exercise at the end of the training that would be the final blow to his biceps.




Lifting barbell biceps standing reverse grip

This exercise is a basic, but it is not directed at the development of the biceps. Raising the rod reverse grip is working purposefully brachialis (arm, which is under the biceps). Toss her a must, as inflated brachialis as it pushes out your biceps, making it more and more impressive. Just lifting barbells on a biceps standing reverse grip perfectly develops forearm (the upper part of it).



Use these exercises to your circuit workouts to build big biceps and relief. Do not focus on any one particular exercise – start a diversity (it will allow the maximum quality to pump your bazooka).

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