Triceps exercises on the pole

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Every man wants to have a great deal of relief and hands, because it is beautiful and gives a certain status. But, most people do not train them properly, and as a result there is no good progress (as a rule, such people think that their hand is not genetically gifted body). Now you’ll learn two of the best exercises for your triceps with a barbell , with which you can make your hands – a bazooka.


Why did so the hands do not grow? What is the error of the majority?

The fact is that most people (especially beginners) are paying great attention to the biceps, the triceps derelict. That is because of this, and have slow growth and small hand muscles. They think that the bulk of the hand, it is – the biceps. But there it was, the biceps takes only about 30% of the total weight of the hand, the rest falls on the triceps.


It is a large and massive triceps makes your hand similar to a bazooka. Therefore, triceps need to give more load (as it is more), and the biceps – less (because it is less). And only then, you can make a truly impressive hand.


From the textbook of anatomy we know that the triceps, it – the triceps muscle, which occupies a large area of ​​the hand (as we said above) If the triceps, it means divided into three parts:

  • in the long
  • the middle (medial)
  • the side (lateral)


Laziest (difficult to pump), it is – a long beam. One of these exercises just did it deliberately is working.


Triceps exercises on the pole:


Bench press bar lying narrow grip

Main basic exercise that best works on all three beams. If you want big and massive triceps, then your program must be narrow grip bench press. As for technology, it is not so important width grip, such as how close are the elbows to the body. Typically, the width of the grip should be at shoulder height (if not already, it is not correct, as the elbows are at odds in the hand, and because of it will be shot some of the load with triceps). I recommend to do at the beginning of training, while there is a lot of strength and energy.




French press bar lying (or standing)

Very cool, but at the same time traumatic exercise. Cool, because it purposefully develops the most lazy of the triceps – namely long. Traumatic because your elbows are at a very low stress, which ultimately can easily provoke an injury. If you take the option press, then do it in two ways: to his forehead and behind his head. For maximum effect, alternate recommend these methods. Just do not recommend starting your workout with this exercise as quickly kill your elbows (do it at the end, when the triceps are already dead).

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