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Many people underestimate this exercise like push-ups on the bars, though, in my opinion, it is one of the best exercises for the development of the upper body. This exercise develops the perfect pecs and triceps. Also in the work consists of the lower trapezoid front beam deltoid and serratus. Push-ups on the bars as you can with its own weight, and with additional weights, which makes the exercise more effective.



Dips triceps – a base (polyarticular) exercise, which is intended for the development of the triceps muscles in your arms (triceps).


Correct technique of the exercise “Dips triceps”:

  1. Take the starting position on the parallel bars in the direct hands. To begin the exercise on the bent arms rather dangerous from the bottom position. Start from the top position, will allow the muscles to better prepare for the load. Legs and body straight.
  2. On the inhale, slowly and not too deeply between the bars go down by bending your elbows. If you descend too quickly, you can get hurt.
  3. During the exercise, do not go down to the end. Partial curl will help better engage the triceps. Bend arm to about 90 degrees at the elbows.
  4. When lowered onto the bars, do not tilt the body forward, and also try not to take the feet back, the body must be in a vertical plane.
  5. At the bottom point of the motion make second pause and exhalation smoothly rises upward maximally straightening elbows.
  6. All the time follow the position of the elbows, they should be close to the body (do not dilute them to the sides). In this position, the triceps will get the maximum load.
  7. Exercise should be carried out without any sudden movements.
  8. Make the planned number of reps.
  9. Rest 1 – 2 minutes and proceed with the following approach.

The main muscles:

  • ectopectoralis
  • beam front deltoids
  • triceps brachii (triceps)


Auxiliary muscles:

  • rhomboid muscle
  • shoulder rotator cuff muscles
  • serratus anterior muscle
  • cuculla
  • small pectoral muscles



  • Whenever possible, use a complication during dips. The weight should be such that you could do 6-12 reps. Be careful when working with weights, you can not falls on the uneven bars and wrung out of inertia, all the repetition must be done smoothly and skillfully.
  • To effectively use the pump triceps assistance partner in the last repetition.
  • That would increase the load on the triceps using partial recurrence (recurrence with incomplete amplitude). Doing push-ups in a full range of motion, you involve the work of the pectoral muscles.
  • Use the method of negative repetitions. Put a bench under the boards, what would you be comfortable push off leg, thereby helping himself to take a starting position on the parallel bars. Negative phase should be about 3-5 seconds.
  • It is also an important role played by the width of the boards. If you work on your triceps, the width of the bars should be not very wide, about shoulder-width apart (you can even less).
  • Try to fully straighten your elbows at the top, so that you learn from the best to work the triceps. On the other hand, straightening the arms fully, increasing the load on the elbow joint. For beginners, I recommend to do the exercise in full amplitude. When you work with additional weights, the load on joints increases, then it is already possible to straighten the arms do not end up leaving a 2-3 cm left.
  • If you work with the extra weight, you can use the drop-sets, it would be better to “score” the muscles.

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