Lifting dumbbells for biceps with supination

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Lifting dumbbells for biceps with supination – a basic exercise, which is intended for the development of the biceps. There are several variants of this exercise: lifting dumbbells for biceps standing, lifting dumbbells for biceps in a sitting position and lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting in the slope.



As is known, the biceps flexor performs the function (ie, flex the arm at the elbow), but apart from that it performs another important function, which allows you to rotate your forearms and hands, palms up. This rotational movement is called supination. The advantage of the exercise “Lifting dumbbells for biceps,” is that it makes it possible to use just two biceps function, flexion and supiniruet. This allows a much higher quality and more efficient to work your biceps.


The main muscles:

  • pronator teres muscle
  • forearm
  • biceps (biceps)
  • shoulder muscle (brachialis)

Correct technique of the exercise “Lifting dumbbells for biceps with supination”:

  1. Take a dumbbell in your hands, stand straight, shoulders straighten, put his feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Initially, the arms must be fully unfolded at the elbow and wrist deployed palms to the hips.
  3. On the exhale, raises the dumbbells by bending your hands only at the expense of the elbow at the same time produce movement supiniruet brushes, turning his palms to the top.
  4. Hand bend as much as possible, hold your peak contraction of the biceps for 1-2 seconds.
  5. On the exhale, lower the dumbbells, straightening your elbows, at the same time produce movement proniruyuschee brushes, turning them into a starting position with his hands to his hips.
  6. Exercise should be carried out without any sudden movements.
  7. Make the planned number of reps.
  8. Rest 1 – 2 minutes and proceed with the following approach.


Recommendations and notes:

  • Exercise can be performed alternately or simultaneously with both hands. During the exercise, you can turn to control the movement better, but on the other hand, this technique significantly reduces the intensity and increases the time of the approach.
  • To better isolate the biceps, do the exercise in a sitting position. Such a position of the body eliminates body and foot care. To further concentrate the load on your biceps, you can do it sitting in the slope, which excludes aid deltoids.
  • To obtain maximum benefit from the supine, the dumbbell is necessary to take a certain way. Take the dumbbell off-center handle, and so that would be your thumb on the edge of the handle and rested on the pancakes. Thus, you increase the moment arm and move the load to the side of the little finger. As a result, when you expand the brush will be much harder.
  • Note the position of the elbow. When you curl, wake elbows ahead or backward, that is, they should be locked at all times and stay in the plane of the housing.
  • To increase the load on your biceps, do not unbend your hands up to the end, preserving the biceps are constantly under stress, that is, work in amplitude.
  • Use lightweight dumbbells, a, with which you will do the exercise technically (without cheating).
  • Bend crank (supiniruet) arms as much as possible, holding the peak voltage of the biceps at the top for 1-2 seconds, thus biceps receive maximum load.

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