Link rod (dumbbell) in the slope at the back of the delta

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Basic exercise for developing rear deltoids beams. It is possible to use for both novice and advanced athletes. Link rod in the slope at the back of the delta requires a lot of energy, therefore recommend that you use this exercise at the beginning of the workout.


Arriving at the gym, it is very rare to see someone performing this exercise. Although, it’s just gorgeous exercises to build big and massive shoulders.


Proper execution technique:

1. Go to the bar. Feet shoulder width apart lock (can be slightly bent at the knees). Make lean forward (back should be arched), put your hands on the bar top grip (grip width on the order of wider shoulders) and climb the pole to the parallels. Fix this position.

2. The rod should be at chest level. Elbows and shoulders align the rod (do not apply pressure to the back, turn them slightly forward). If properly done, should have like an inverted mode lying barbell (barbell at chest level, elbows lift closer to the ears).

3. To make a deep breath and pull the bar to your chest. Make exhalation – lower the bar on the chest. At the same time, the waist should be sure to bend and elbows and shoulders slightly splayed in front of.

4. Cravings do solely through the rear deltoids. See only ourselves (can be slightly up). Down view is impossible, as it would lead to a rounding of the back.

5. When you lower the bar down to make sure that whatever your elbows remain slightly bent, it will maintain the maximum load in the muscles.



Link rod in the slope at the back of the delta is not an easy exercise, so the first time may not be possible. It is very important that the waist was caved in during the entire exercise (watch this). If during operation you feel back, so your elbows and shoulders are turned forward enough.


Also, this exercise can be done not only to the pole, but with dumbbells. Technically, cravings with dumbbells back to the delta run harder than the pole. Harder, because the more difficult to control the movement of the hands. However, for maximum effect, I recommend to alternate barbell and dumbbells.

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