Thrust rod to the narrow grip chin

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Let us exercise called ” thrust rod to the narrow grip chin .” The thrust rod to the chin, regardless of grip, most of the work is still carried out deltoids, but using a different grip, you can change the degree of load on the trapezium and deltoid muscles. So, using a wide grip on the shoulders of the load is greater, while a narrow grip will allow for better pump trapeze.



Thrust rod to the narrow grip chin – a base (polyarticular) exercise, which is intended for the development of the front deltoids and trapezius muscles.


The main muscles:

  • front delta
  • trapezius dorsi (Keystone)
  • muscle raises the shoulder blade


Auxiliary muscles:

  • biceps (biceps)
  • supraspinatus muscle
  • The serratus anterior muscle
  • the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle
  • average beam deltoid muscles

Correct technique of the exercise “Thrust rod to the narrow grip chin”:

Be sure to make a good workout before you begin this exercise, because the shoulder joint is very complex, and the deltoid muscle is relatively weak (they are easy to injure).

  1. Grasp the neck straight grip, the grip should be slightly narrower than shoulder width (approximately 20-30 cm, it is for each individual).
  2. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart on the set, expand and lower the shoulders, a little cave in at the waist.
  3. The arms should be fully extended in the initial position.
  4. Take a deep breath in the nose and begin gently raise the bar to the chin. Bar should be pulled along the body, not bringing it forward (which would work out better trapezoid). When raising the bars, the elbows dissolve as much as possible to the sides and upwards.
  5. The top of the movement, elbows must be above the shoulders.
  6. Short of the bar to the chin, take a momentary pause, and then exhale through your mouth, return the bar to the starting position.
  7. Exercise should be carried out without any sudden movements.
  8. Make the planned number of reps.
  9. Rest 1 – 2 minutes and proceed with the following approach.



  • If you find it hard to do the exercise with a barbell, then try to make it in the simulator Smith. This kind of exercise is more suitable for beginners, as in this case, the bar will move along the ideal trajectory, the old vertical.
  • Many people often have a problem with a crease brush when the rod to the chin narrow grip. To reduce the load on the hand hand, you can use a curved neck, which is anatomically more convenient.
  • Pull to the chin can be done through the lower block on the crossover, but no special advantages such variation does not exercise.
  • A good replacement for the thrust rod to the chin narrow grip will pull the dumbbells to your chin. Unlike bars, dumbbells allow work to a greater amplitude that better uses the trapeze.

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