Thrust dumbbells to your chin standing

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I want to tell you about an exercise called ” Thrust dumbbells to your chin standing. This exercise is a variation of traction to the chin over the bar. What are the differences and advantages of this exercise? The main difference lies in the use of dumbbells, which can significantly increase the range of motion, which ultimately allows for more precise control over the muscles (as opposed to barbells, dumbbells do not throw up their hands).



Thrust dumbbells to your chin standing – it is basic (polyarticular) exercise, which is intended for the development of shoulder deltoid and trapezius muscles. In this activity, mostly loaded trapezoid, middle and front portion deltas (despite what width between dumbbells).


The main muscles:

  • front delta
  • the average delta
  • trapezius dorsi (Keystone)
  • muscle raises the shoulder blade


Correct technique of the exercise “Thrust dumbbells to your chin standing”:
Be sure to do a good warm-up before you start the exercise, because the shoulder joint is very complex, and the deltoid muscle is relatively weak (they are easy to injure).

  1. Take the dumbbells straight grip (dumbbell closer to each other, the greater are utilized front delta and trapeze … the farther dumbbells from each other, the more turned on average delta).
  2. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart place, expand and lower the shoulders, a little cave in at the waist.
  3. In the initial position of the hands should be straight.
  4. Take a deep breath in the nose, begin to slowly raise the dumbbell. When you exercise, your elbows as much as possible, spread to the side and upwards.
  5. At the end of the upward movement, elbows must be above the shoulders (if your goal is to pump trapezoid).
  6. Make a second pause at the end point, and then exhaling through the mouth, dumbbell return to its original position.
  7. Exercise should be carried out without any sudden movements.
  8. Make the planned number of reps.
  9. Rest 1 – 2 minutes and proceed with the following approach.



  • Thrust dumbbells to your chin is more suitable for experienced athletes, as in this exercise, you need to carefully monitor the movement that weights a bit harder to do than with a barbell.
  • To increase the load on the delta and better isolate them, you need to slightly tilt the body and bring the dumbbells slightly forward (keeping them away from the body), and try to lower the shoulders as low as possible. It is also important the position of the hands, try to expand a little brush with your thumbs inside.
  • Pull to the chin can be done through the lower block on the crossover, but not any special advantages such variation does not exercise.
  • Follow the dumbbells to your chin thrust smoothly without jerks, without using the help of the back or legs. Do recurrence at a moderate pace, and so do not forget to make a groove in the top of the movement (very important).
  • Do not use a lot of weight. In this exercise, the main equipment. You need to constantly concentrate on working the muscle to its good experience and achieve maximum results.

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