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This exercise is an excellent exercise for the replacement of pulling up on the bar. This exercise is suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners. Thrust vertical block to the chest will be especially useful for those who still can not catch up on the bar. The advantage of this exercise is to fine-tune the weight that allows you to choose a weight with which you will be prepared to do the exercise correctly and skillfully.



Thrust vertical block to the chest – is the basic (comprehensive) exercise is accented is working latissimus dorsi. As well, this exercise involves a lot of other muscle groups such as biceps (biceps), shoulder muscles (brachialis), large and small pecs. There are several options for exercise, basically all they are different hand position and grip width (vertical thrust block to the chest parallel to grip, pull the block to the chest straight grip, traction vertical block to the chest reverse grip, traction vertical block of the head). As for the grip, it can be: wide, medium or narrow.


The main muscles:

  • latissimus dorsi
  • rhomboid muscle
  • teres major muscle
  • biceps (biceps)


Correct technique of the exercise “Thrust vertical block to the chest”:

  1. Go to the treadmill, hold the right grip neck top (much wider than shoulder width), sit down and put your feet under the lock for the legs.
  2. Arch your back, straighten shoulders, slightly tilt the body back, look straight ahead.
  3. In the initial position the hands should be fully extended and the blade deployed.
  4. On the exhale, slowly start to pull the bar to your chest, bending your arms at the elbows, at the lowest point try to reduce the shoulder blades together.
  5. On the inhale slowly unbend his elbows, try to fully straighten the arm at the end of the movement.
  6. Exercise should be carried out without any sudden movements.
  7. Make the planned number of reps.
  8. Rest 1 – 2 minutes and proceed with the following approach.


  • Do not change the inclination angle of the body, it should not be changed during the entire exercise. Just do not help the body, thrust must be carried out only by the strength of the broadest muscle.
  • To increase the load on the broadest possible to fulfill the craving for a head. If Hoth accentuate the load on the biceps, then do the exercise reverse grip at the bottom.
  • Use a wide grip to better pump lats. Narrow the grip better job includes biceps hands.
  • To increase the range of motion, you can use the parallel grip. As well, the parallel-grip a little load is removed from the forearm muscles.
  • Do not let the neck up sharply. Most effectively when the relaxation phase two times slower than the voltage phase. In this mode, the muscles get more load and will be better worked through.
  • Try to pull the bar as close as possible to the chest, so that the amplitude of the movement is at a maximum, which will effectively work through the latissimus dorsi.

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