Good day, dear reader!

If you come to this page, it means that you want to improve your fitness, all around admired. If so, then you are goal-oriented person, and one of the few who swim against the current to get better (I like people like YOU)

№1. 100% guaranteed results!

If you follow my advice from start to finish, with full dedication, I guarantee you 100% success in achieving a particular goal. Reviews of people who you will see on – proof.

№2. Individual approach!

As a professional coach, I guarantee you that your training program and nutrition plan will be fully “sharpened” to your individual parameters (age, height, body type, lifestyle, physical quality, health status, etc.).

No. 3. Only effective and proven techniques!

My training experience is 8 years. During this time I learned a lot of theoretical information that is constantly put into practice. Way to “trial and error” I have learned to understand how the human body works and learn what works and what – no.


№4. First you will see the progress after only 7 days!

I am not kidding! This is true! Those who have worked with me – know that this is true. If you are well versed in the human body, you do not need a lot of time to see the first progress.


№5. Constant online support!

I always will answer any of your questions via E-mail and VK.


To confirm all written above, and prove to you that I do not “balabol” and really expert in his field , I offer you some pictures of my customers (before / after), which was allowed to put himself on display, and reviews (from VK dialogues) real people who have worked with me.

The result (before / after) – №1
The difference between the photo:  14 weeks (99 days)
Growth:   181cm
Result (Before / after):
Body weight (kg):   75/82
volume arms (cm):   34/38
breast volume (cm):   106/116
Waist ( cm):   89/81


Result (before / after) – №2
The difference between the photo:   12 weeks (86 days)

Height:   173cm
Result (Before / after):
Body weight (kg):   86/70
volume arms (cm):   32/32
breast volume (cm):   102/94
Waist (cm):   100 / 66.5

Result (before / after) – №3

The difference between the photo:   8 weeks (57 days)

Height:   167cm
Result (Before / after):
Body weight (kg):   5 6 / 50.4
Waist (cm):   68 /59
buttocks Displacement (cm):   93 /89
volume femur (cm):   56/50

Result (before / after) – №4


Participant Project # BESHENAYASUSHKA – 12 Season
Ranked 34 out of 13,500 people.


The difference between the photo:   4 weeks (28 days)

Height:  177cm   
Result (Before / after):
Body weight (kg):   71 / 63.2
Waist (cm):   81.2 / 69.6
Volume buttocks (cm):  104/96
Displacement of the femur (cm):  62 / 56.4


PS  # BESHENAYASUSHKA – it is an iconic international game in which yougrow thin and win valuable prizes (apartment, car and money).

The game 100 prizes:

Rank 1 = Apartment

Rank 2 = Vehicle

3rd place = 1 000 000

4th place = Breast plastic surgery

5th = 100 000

6th place = 50 000

7 – 100 seats = 30 000