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So many men and women want to lose weight. In this regard, who – it sits on a rigid diet (greatly restricts itself to the power supply), the other is written to the gym and start training, others simply remove all sweet, fried, and begin to do some mini exercise. But in the end, very few people get a positive effect. And it happens because no one initially does not know how to burn fat.


That is why I want to give you the 5 most important laws effective fat burning . This 5 simple rules that you need to have to know, if you want to lose weight.


There are men and women, koto rye adore sweets (as they say: can not live without the sweet). And because of this most sweet tooth cravings can not make a good, athletic build. They simply do not have enough willpower that would refuse sweets (because in order to keep yourself in good physical shape, you need to strictly follow a diet).


But do not worry! This book – a great find for the sweet tooth . The book contains recipes (85% of the recipes – Diet) sweets, most of which you can include in your diet on a regular basis of power (but not get carried away). From the book you will learn how to be useful, and you can prepare delicious: pancakes, cheesecakes, chocolates, candy bars, cookies, puddings and cakes. Also in the book there are recipes for most running (top) and protein shakes gainers, which are very easy to prepare at home.



With these recipes, you can perfectly diversify your menu!


The book contains 67 recipes:

  • protein shakes – 14 recipes
  • Creatine – 14 recipes
  • fritters – 4 recipe
  • cheesecakes – 2 recipe
  • Candy – 3 recipe
  • Bars – 4 recipe
  • cookies – 6 Recipe
  • casseroles – 14 recipes
  • cakes – 6 recipes 


Muscle gain – it’s quite a complex process. Before you begin to develop a training program and diet plan, you need to learn everything from A to Z, that would be in the future, you could progress without problems.


Rapid muscle growth – the result of an intelligent combination of three factors: correct POWER , Effective TRAINING and full RECOVERY . In this book you will find only Practical advice on nutrition, training and recovery to help you achieve MAXIMUM results in a set of muscle mass and strength.


The book contains 56 practical tips:

  • 33 for training council
  • 16 Nutrition Tips
  • 7 tips for recovery