What is this site?

The main theme of my site – the physical self-development and self-improvement. That is, there is associated with all kinds of sports, which help build a physically strong and healthy body (both outside and inside). The main focus, of course, put to: bodybuilding, fitness and healthy lifestyle (as these topics are most specialize in this). But this does not mean that here you can not find the threads that are dedicated to other (more distant) sports.


For example, sometimes can come across articles that are related to sports such as arm sport (arm wrestling), boxing, weightlifting, martial arts, track and field, weightlifting, swimming, etc. The articles I talk about physical fitness person in a particular sport (eg: how to combine boxing and bodybuilding, which muscles are important in armsportu, general physical training fighters, etc.).


As well, you will learn:

  • how the body works
  • that occurs within the body
  • how to perform different exercises
  • what exercises are best and most effective
  • how to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time
  • how to correctly create a training program
  • how to eat
  • how to recover
  • how to choose the right sports nutrition
  • how to create a course of steroids for a particular purpose (information for advanced users in the field of bodybuilding)
  • how to avoid injuries
  • how to exercise in any environment (at the gym, at home, on the street)
  • how to improve your health
  • how to combine a variety of sports
  • … and much more …