How much fat you need in a day?

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What would our body to function well, it is necessarily necessary fatty acids. But, how much fat you need to eat per day , that would not gain a lot of weight – not everyone knows. So now, we will try to answer this question briefly.


Your daily diet should include: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Nutritionists recommend to adhere to this ratio: protein – 20% / fats – 30% / carbohydrates – 50%. This ratio of nutrients will help you, if your goal – the maximum health.

But if you go to the gym and want to have a toned, athletic body, then the ratio B / M / Y – is not for you.

How much fat you need in a day?


You have to plan your diet so:

  • proteins 25 – 30% (1.7 – 2.2g * 1kg of body weight)
  • fat 10 – 18% (0.3 – 0.7g * 1kg of body weight)
  • carbohydrates 48 – 58% (3.5 – 4 g * 1 kg of body weight)

Example (for a person whose weight – 70kg):

Proteins: 145g (about 29%)

Fat: 30 g (about 15%)

Carbohydrates: 280g (approximately 56%)

That is, if you weigh 70kg, then that would be a relief to keep the physique, you have to eat – 30g of fat per day. And fats should be very useful.
Sources of good fats:

  • THICK th fish (100g = 10 – 20 g of fat)
  • linseed oil (1ch.l. = 5g of fat)
  • olive oil (1ch.l. = 5g of fat)
  • yolks (1 egg yolk = 5g of fat)
  • Walnut (100g = 61g fat)
  • hazelnuts (100g = 66g fat)
  • sweet almonds (100g = 58g fat)
  • Peanuts (100g = 45g fat)


In order to get the maximum benefit from the fat, it is necessary that your diet is attended by all sources of fatty acids. It is clear that the day to eat all not real (because that would be a lot of fat), so the easiest option – the alternation by day.


On Monday, you ate 100g of herring and season vegetable salad with olive oil (2ch.l.)

Outcome: 20g fat herring + 10g fat with olive oil = 30 grams of fat

On Tuesday, you ate 50g of walnuts

Outcome: 30.5g Fat

On Wednesday, you ate 2 eggs, 20g of peanuts and tucked linseed oil vegetable salad (2ch.l.)

Outcome: 10g fat from the yolks + 9g fat peanut + 10g fat from flaxseed oil = 29g fat


And so on. Pick up all the products as you want.

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