Table compatibility products at a separate feed

Herbert Shelton – a man who believes in a healthy, separate meals. That it was developed a table of compatibility of products with a separate feed . This table contains the 16 count.



Why invented this table?


When you eat everything, your stomach is unable to digest all the food properly (not compatible food hampers digestion). Since, for what would have to fully assimilate proteins, they need an acidic environment, and for example, carbohydrates – alkaline. And if you eat protein with carbohydrates, it will neutralize the environment, which in turn can cause: fermentation, poor absorption, rotting food. And as you know, poorly digested food can cause constipation and various diseases.


If you start to eat properly (that is, eat only compatible products), we will soon feel the ease and increased alertness.



As well, there is a perception that if a long time to eat separately, then unlearn the body digest proteins and carbohydrates together. And when you eat, such as pizza, then your stomach will have problems. It is recommended to operate the following scheme: 60 – 70% of the daily diet you eat separately, 40 – 30% eat mixed feed (for example, 1 meal – separated; 2 Reception – mixed; 3 Reception – separated; 4 – Mixed, 5 and 6 receptions – separate).